We travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us.

Tale of 2 Backpackers is the travel tales of an eccentric couple – Agniswar and Amrita. It is a canvas for painting our stories through writing and photography. Both graduates from Jadavpur University, Kolkata, we are bankers by profession and backpackers by choice, travellers by passion. Both of us are full time in service, but cannot ignore the ethereal beauty of the mountains or the vast calmness of the seas. So whenever we have the time, we simply pack our bags and venture towards the unknown.

We have been travelling together since 2010. A serendipitous visit to the Amarnath transformed us quietly from mere tourists to wanderlust travellers. We simply wish to travel India, explore its pristine beauty, experience its cultures and cuisines and let the world know about it.  Together we have faced hailstorms of Himalayas, did scuba diving 12 metres below the sea level, was frozen at Chadar River trek and even got stuck at a riot in Jammu; but all these had made us much richer. We hope to inspire all those who keep postponing their travel plans for later, to start discovering the joys of travelling. We will be really happy if our travel stories inspire others to travel and to realise their dreams.

The words of Tale of 2 Backpackers are etched by Amrita. And the photographs, which bring life to those words, are captured by Agniswar. Travelling has changed us for the better and made us more responsible persons. By travelling, we learn to live, live to love, love to see, see to be and be more. And yes, we love Kolkata!

About Amrita:

Amrita is a gypsy by heart, a headstrong person and a free spirit. Quirky and moody right from her childhood, she has been always fascinated by the mountains and had visited many places with her family. Her love for seeing new places has still remained.

Currently a banker by profession but she is an explorer from heart. The 9 -5 desk job has not stopped her pursuing her passion to travel, experience new things and make new friends. A self-confessed book caterpillar, she has now started sharing her experiences in her blog Tale of 2 Backpackers. She is simply learning to travel and travelling to learn.

About Agniswar:

The flamboyant, creative and the affable backpacker, Agniswar can simply melt a heart with his smile. He loves to capture the beauty of the nature and wildlife through his lenses and wants his photographs to tell stories. Also a connoisseur of local cuisines, he simply loves his food and makes it appoint to taste local cuisine and drinks wherever they visit.

Agni works in a bank, but once in a while gears up for quenching the wanderlust in him. Happily married to Amrita, together they dream of following their passion for travelling and inspiring many others like them.

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