It was a very foggy and cold Sunday morning. A perfect day to laze in your home with a hot cup of coffee. But we were as usual out at Nabadwip Ghat, enjoying the thrill of cold and intoxicating smell of fog. It was such a day when we felt that Darjeeling has arrived at Nabadwip. I could feel the whiff of the fog! And then an impromptu descission was made to take a boat ride to Mayapur ISKCON!

© Tale of 2 Backpackers

Rowing the boat along the foggy Ganga

The boat ride in itself is not very special, but the atmosphere today made it simply awesome. A thin mist hovered over the Ganges, and as the boat started moving, the wind made it more chilling. It was a numbing effect. The chill and mist together created a surreal atmosphere and we stood mesmerized seeing the beauty of the river Ganges.

© Tale of 2 Backpackers

Rowing the boat along the foggy Ganga

We witnessed the confluence of the river Ganges and river Jalangi which was clearly marked by the green water of Jalangi & muddy colour of the Ganges.

© Tale of 2 Backpackers

Confluence of the Ganga and Jalangi rivers

Ten minutes of boat journey was enough to raise our spirits and discern the divine beauty of the nature! It was as if the sanctity of the Mayapur touched us…

Mayapur: A divine destination

How to reach:

By bus: From Kolkata

By train:

 1. From Howrah to Nabadwip, then take a ferry from Nabadwip Ghat to Mayapur Ghat.

2. Sealdah to Krishnagar, then take a bus from Krishnagar city to Mayapur.