The excavation sites at Gour, Malda tells the tale of the erstwhile kingdom of the Bengal rulers. A bye lane from the road towards Firoz Minar from Qadam Rasool mosque will take you to the excavation sites. There is very little called road, it is just a muddy and dusty path. A few minutes walk or you can take your vehicle too and you will be standing in front of a mammoth wall – the Baisgazi wall.

Excavation sites at Gour Malda

Ballal Bati excavation site

Baisgazi Wall:

There is a huge wall called the “Baisgazi Wall”. As the wall is measured 22 Bengali yards i.e. 42 feet in its height it is called Baisgazi wall.

Excavation sites at Gour Malda

Baisgazi Wall – the 22 yards massive structure

This massive brick built wall with ornamental cornices and niches was probably built during the reign of Sultan Nasiruddin Mahmud Shah as a protective wall for the palace area of the Kingdom of Gaur. It has a tapering shape and 15 feet wide at base and near 9 feet at top. The walls are now in ruins and give the place a haunted feel.

Excavation sites at Gour Malda

Baisgazi Wall

The construction of the wall shows how the kingdom of Gour was protected on the three sides by this huge wall.

Ballal Bati:

A walk of about 5 minutes through the mango orchards will take you to Ballal Bati, the excavation site. The site revealed dome like structures which look like Buddhist Stupas.

Excavation sites at Gour Malda

Ballal Bati

A further walk will take to an ancient falling wall which gives the impression that this might have been the Durbar of the King. Excavations to this site are still being carried on.

Excavation sites at Gour Malda

Balla Bati – excavation site


A nearby excavation site reveals an ancient Jetty sort of construction. This site is known as “Jahajghata” it was probably an ancient port used by the kingdom when the river flowed by the palace before changing its course.

Excavation sites at Gour Malda


Gour has a lot of historical relics which has the mark of both Hindu and Islamic architecture.  You can red our previous posts on Gour here. These sites, if maintained properly can be of great value historically as well as can attract tourists.

Excavation sites at Gour Malda

Ballalbati in ruins

Excavation sites at Gour Malda

Enjoying the water