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Welcome to the world of Agni & Amrita. Driven by our curiosity and not losing our sense of wonder, we travel, learn, observe and celebrate life. We believe in the magnanimity of nature and the goodness of people and with this belief we embark on the life of adventure and travel together. Through our tales, we would like to connect with others and exchange life experiences. We hope you will join us in the journey.

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Waterworld – The Beaches and Backwaters of Kerala

There is a reason this state in the southwestern fringe of India is called “God’s Own Country”. The first thing that you will notice when you land in Kerala is the dark green tracts, the spaces that are full of trees and vegetation even in the cities. To add contrast...

The Ultimate Honeymoon Travel Guide to Neil Island (Shaheed Dweep)

Imagine a view of turquoise blue seas along a golden sandy beach, and the two of you frolicking in the blue waters at heart’s content. You then head to view an awesome sunset against the backdrop of the natural rock bridge. Yes, I am talking about Neil Island, now...

Why Downtime Is Important To Travellers

When people think about travelling, the first thing that comes to their mind is beautiful beaches, majestic mountain ranges, delicious delicacies, amazing people and picturesque landscapes. One particular aspect of travelling that most people would like to forget is...

12 Best places to eat & drink in Darjeeling

Writing about the best places to eat in Darjeeling is quite a task. Even after visiting Darjeeling so often, we had hardly given a thought of compiling about the best eateries in Darjeeling. We are usually walking around Darjeeling or simply lazing at the Mall...

Places to visit in Valentines Day – 14 romantic destinations

Love is a feeling that transcends all. Love makes us do wonders. But where do we find it? Is it in the eyes of our beloved? Or is it just holding the hands of our dear one that makes you feel loved? Or is it in the green mountains or the blue seas and the yellow...

Kagyed Dance (Chham) – Masked Dance of Sikkim

“You must come back to see the Kagyed Dance before Losoong, the Sikkimese New Year” – said the aged monk from Rabong Monastery. And it was then we decided that we would be back at Sikkim again during December. “Again in December? Were you guys not here in August for...

Top 5 Destinations you must visit in Europe

If places could have hearts, Europe’s would be in many places. Such is the liveliness of this continent, the sheer delight of its vastness and history, engulfing treasures and experiences that one cannot even fathom to find elsewhere. So now then, if you were to think...

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