Month: November 2016

Mukha, the Kushmandi masks and the art of mask making

Kushmandi block of South Dinajpur is the home of the wooden mask makers better known as Kushmandi masks or in colloquial terms “Mukha”. The makers are mainly concentrated in the village of Mahisbathan where a handicraft hub has been developed as a part of rural craft hub initiative under the MSME department of Government of West Bengal and in collaboration with UNESCO. The Kushmandi Masks: The Kushmandi masks are generally objects of devotion very devoutly crafted by the villagers. Thus these masks also called the Gomira masks catered to the needs of the Gomira dancers and to the villagers...

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An open letter to Dear Zindagi

Dear Zindagi, You must be really annoyed at me. The correspondence and one to one chat we used to have, had long since stopped.  The fun we used to have together have become lesser by the day. You know, my dear Zindagi, I have become too much attached to trivial things that I forgot my best friend. The one, who has always been with me sharing the crests and troughs of my life with the same panache as myself, laughed with me and cried with me and always cheered me up when I was low. I forgot you. I...

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Saino Heritage Guest House, Takdah – Review

Takdah is a beautiful hamlet located about 28 km from Darjeeling. The place is not yet fully developed as a tourist destination, but the natural and scenic beauty of the place is exceptional. Takdah does not have many options in regards to accommodation. On our visit to Takdah, we chose to stay at Saino Heritage Guest House. And we not for a moment regretted this decision. The stay was so pleasing that we are compelled to write about it. Takdah was a cantonment area in the British period. Quite naturally, there are a number of bungalows in the area. These...

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Gomira Dance – an ancient dance form of rural Bengal

Gomira dance is a rural dance form mainly practiced in the Dinajpur district of West Bengal. The dance is usually performed by the villagers to please the gods to usher in the ‘good forces’ and ward off the ‘evil forces’. Very obviously, this dance form is a part of varying traditions and the rich cultural history of Bengal. So when the opportunity came to watch a Gomira dance performance, we were more than happy to seize it. Origin of the Gomira Dance Gomira dance is actually a masked dance form. The word Gomira has been derived from the colloquial...

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Bolo Har Har…err.. Harrowing Shivaay – the review

The title of the post actually surmises my feelings for Shivaay. Cast: Ajay Devgn, Erika Kaar, Saayeshaa Sehgal, Abigail Eames, Vir Das My Ratings: 2.5/5 When the first poster of Shivaay was out, I was intrigued. The poster had Ajay Devgn all over in a very bold and mountaineer avatar and was enough to pique my interest over the movie. Next, the teaser and trailer heightened my anticipation. Being a mountain lover myself, very soon I found myself eagerly waiting for the movie. In fact, Shivaay won over Karan Johar’s Ae Dil Hai Mushkil because Shivaay was about mountains...

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