Tale of 2 Backpackers completes 3 years of travel blogging.

Travelling – it leaves you speechless and then turns you into a storyteller.

Ibn Batuta was so right. We have been travelling for a long time, visiting various places, doing all the touristy stuff but not really experiencing the place. We have been to Goa, seen all the touristy beaches, had our share of Kaju Fenny, but had not tasted bebinca! We were like all those once-in-a-year-vacation type tourists, though we were on road almost four times a year.

But our change from tourist to travellers and storytellers was gradual. Standing at Seshnag at our AmarnathYatra amazed us. At Roopkund, we were totally speechless. And yes, it was after our Roopkund Trek, that we started writing about our travel tales at Tale of 2 Backpackers.

Like everyone, we started with wordpress.com site. At first, it was just a journal of our travel stories. It was like a hobby for us. We loved to travel, I love to write and he loves photography – so all these found their way into our blog. For almost 2 years, we just kept on writing without thinking about our readers or numbers. It was only for our happiness.

Then we found out that we have a set of regular readers who love to read our blogs. Many of them appreciated our writing and photography. We had been to Kolkata Bloggers Meet when a few recognized us as Tale of 2 Backpackers. It was music to our ears when we heard “Oh! You are the backpackers, I read your blog regularly”.

So from just a travel writer, we started our journey towards becoming travel bloggers. And believe me, the life of a travel blogger is not easy, all my blogger friends will agree to it. A lot of hard work goes into making a post, editing pictures and maintaining the blog. This year August, we had a major technical issue with our blog. The blog was not up for almost 2 weeks. You can imagine what this means for a blogger; when blogging scenario is being updated every day. We lost a few followers and some much valuable time. Now that it is up, our greatest fear today is that it should not happen again!

Travel Blogging

What has Travel & Travel Blogging us?

Travelling has taught us to appreciate the smaller things in life, being responsible towards nature and yes; it made us a lot happier. For me, travelling gave me a purpose in life.

So now the 2 Backpackers travel to experience the essence of a place, to be a part of that place and leave a part of ourselves there.

Travelling together has also made us understand appreciate each other a lot more. Our love for each other keeps on increasing as our enthusiasm for travel. And yes, it also keeps our passion rekindled while keeping us grounded.

Here is an index of our travel stories and experiences

Travel Blogging