About us

We are Agni and Amrita, the 2 Backpackers from India. And Tale of 2 Backpackers is all about our experiences, misadventures and stories as we travel across India and around while trying to understand the people, places, cultures and cuisines.

Those close to us, describe us to be eccentric, adventurer and also as travellers and storytellers. To us life is indeed a thrilling episode and meant to be lived fully and happily. We are always on the lookout for adventure, be it tasting a new food, exploring a new place or trying to do a karaoke! When not in civilization, you might find us with our backpacks and camera, trekking in the wilderness of Himalayas or in some obscure and nondescript place in the heartwarming company of a gracious host.

Our Story

We first met at Jadavpur University, a place where both of us dreamt to attend. And today also we are sharing the same dream of eccentricity and madness.

So she said ‘Hi’ in 2003, ‘Yes’ in 2006 and finally they said, “I do” in 2011. And the rest, as they say, is history!

Both of us belong to a typical Bengali middle class family where studies and getting a job with a good fat salary were the priority in life. Being the ‘so-called’ good students, the pressure was more on us to get a high paying job to lead a ‘successful’ life. So getting a college degree and then a decent job was on the top of our priority list then. And we got them both making our parents very happy.

But we were not happy! We had a good job, fat salary and new flat. But something was missing and we could not figure that out. And then the serendipitous visit to the Amarnath happened. We both used to travel before, but standing in front of the Seshnag Lake and looking at the mountains in front of us, we realized what we were missing. After that, a trek to Roopkund was all that was needed to transform us. We realized that life is meant to be lived by a compass and not by a clock!

We are driven by curiosity. We do not lose the sense of wonder.

When we faced the hailstorms of Himalayas, we realized what minuscule space we occupy in the world.

When we did scuba diving 12 metres below the sea level, we were amazed by the beauty of and balance of the ecosystem.

When we came across the icy waterfalls and got frozen at Chadar Trek, we wondered at the magnanimity of nature.

When we got stuck in a riot near Jammu, our faith in the goodness in human beings was reconfirmed.

So today, we still live out of the suitcase. We are not yet “settled”. We prefer walking for days in the mountains than partying (its not that we don’t love to socialize once in a while). And we are perfectly fine being this eccentric!

Why do we travel

Because life is too short and the world too big to stay at one place.

We travel because we love to meet new people, make new friends, see new places and listen to some great stories.

We travel because it makes us modest.

We travel because it makes us appreciate the smaller beauties of life.

And we travel because we want to tell the stories of people and places to all of you out there. We hope to inspire all those who keep postponing their travel plans for later, to start discovering the joys of travelling. We will be really happy if our travel stories inspire others to travel and to realize their dreams (even if it not related to travel).

Our Passions

Travel, adventure, culture, personal development, sustainability, creativity and of course irritating each other.

And with all these, we have completed more than 10 years of travelling together.

She writes, he clicks


Nerdy, moody and quirky, she simply loves to travel and write apart from finding reasons to irritate her better half. Amrita is a gypsy by heart, adventurous to the core, a headstrong person and a free spirit. She has been always fascinated by the mountains and the colourful people and cultures. She looks for experiences when she travels and seek personal connections with the people and culture. Her passion to travel, experience new things and make new friends is what makes her a perfect travel companion. A self-confessed book caterpillar but terrible at Google Maps, she often gets lost in the easiest roads. And with that she often finds a new place, a unique experience to explore.


The flamboyant, creative and the affable backpacker, Agniswar can simply melt a heart with his smile. He loves to capture the beauty of the nature and wildlife through his lenses and wants his photographs to tell stories. Also a connoisseur of local cuisines, he simply loves his food and makes it a point to taste local cuisine and drinks wherever they visit. Agni works in a bank, but once in a while gears up for quenching the wanderlust in him. The best thing about him is that he can keep his cool in any situation.

He can sing pretty well and wishes to learn playing the guitar well.

How do we travel

We are Agni and Amrita, the 2 backpackers who decided to give stability and security of a homely life a miss and embark on a life full of adventure and mercurial experience. We both have a full time job (How to travel, while having a full-time job), but that is not a deterrent to our travel dreams. Tale of 2 Backpackers is essentially the stories of our journey, travels, realizations, inspirations and aspirations. We would love to have you along with us in this journey, connect with you and exchange life experiences. We hope our travel stories encourage you to take the risk to live your dreams, even if they are not related to travel.

Tale of 2 Backpackers (the website) is definitely about our travel stories and experiences. But it is also about the story of our journey through life, coming out of our comfort zones and our transformation from just a citizen to a responsible citizen of the planet earth. We believe in responsibility and sustainability, because we care.


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