5 Amazing Monsoon Getaways that you need to visit

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So you have taken a vacation in the summer to beat the heat. And now the monsoons should not stop you from taking another one. Rain and monsoon mean different things to different people. But to us, monsoons are another reason to explore our country looking for places that are simply enthralling in the rains. Here are a few amazing monsoon getaways where you can visit.

We asked a few of our friends about their favourite monsoon destinations and we collated them here. A disclaimer: These are not the only places! There are so many that we cannot probably finish off the list. But we can start off with a few. Many of these are there on our bucket list too!

Cherrapunji, Meghalaya

If you are thinking of the rains, how can you possibly miss Cherrapunji? The abode of clouds with cascading waterfalls is a must visit place in the monsoons.

How to reach: Reach Shillong either by flight or by road from Guwahati.

Places to stay: Cherrapunji has a few hotels and a number of homestays suited for both backpackers and tourists.

This one is our personal favourite also.

Monsoon Getaways

Cherrapunji in Monsoon

Shantiniketan, West Bengal

Shantiniketan or the abode of peace is mostly known for its association with Rabindranath Tagore. But Shantiniketan takes a different beauty during the rains. Just imagine the soulful songs of the Bauls playing along as the rain drops fall on the window shade!

How to Reach: You can take a train from Howrah Station to Bolpur Railway Station. It takes about three hours to reach there.

Places to Stay: There are many resorts and homestays at Shantiniketan in the main town as well as near Prantik.

Agumbe Rain forest, Karnataka

The ‘rain forest’ name is enough to raise our interest towards this place. This town probably gets the highest rainfall in Karnataka and has the rain forests that are so pristine and unexplored. Green everywhere, you can get to see some rare wildlife species here. And yes, the cascading waterfalls do wonders to this green terrain.

How to reach: Take a bus from Bangalore to Agumbe directly.  The nearest Railway stationed Udupi around 55 km away.

Places to stay: There are a few homestays here that look as pristine as the place. You may try Hingaara Homestay, Ammadi Homestay among others.

Lonavla, Maharashtra

This hill station in Mumbai is an awesome place to visit during the monsoon. As the monsoon comes, the Sahyadri Mountains are painted on a canvas of green with alluring waterfalls and pleasant climates. Lonavla is definitely a quick monsoon getaway from Mumbai.

How to reach: Lonavla is 84 km from Mumbai and 67 km from Pune.

Places to stay: The place has quite a number of options, out of which you may try the Treasure Island. It is a good retreat for a few days stays at Lonavla.

Monsoon Getaways

Korigad near Lonavla | Pic Courtesy: Amogh Sarpotdar

Bangriposi, Odisha

Bangriposi is a picturesque little town that looks like million dollars during the monsoon. Very near to the Simlipal Forests, the place is surrounded by lush greenery and a silence that is so pleasing. During the monsoon, the place takes a different view. This is a place that must be visited during the monsoon simply to break away from the daily routine. You will not get a more romantic place to relax.

How to reach: Balasore is the nearest railway station. From Balasore, you have to book a car to Bangriposi, almost 95 km from Balasore.

Monsoon Getaways


Where to Stay: There are only two options to stay at Bangriposi, the Khairi Resort and Hotel Bangriposi.

These are only a few monsoon getaways. Please do share your thoughts and also suggest us other wonderful getaways by commenting below.

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  1. Wow, incredible landscapes, I’d definitely love to visit all those places!
    The monsoon getaway sounds very interesting, we don’t have monsoons in this part of the world so it would be quite unique for me. The greenery on that picture looks stunning!


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