Someone rightly said, “it’s not the destination but the journey that matters.” The endless possibilities on the road signal the rider to embark on a journey of self-discovery and exploration.
Riding a bike on bustling roads is more exciting than it sounds. It allows the biker to unleash the inner adrenaline craving soul and experience the feeling of freedom. The feeling of watching things pass you, while the wind gushes through your hair cannot be expressed in words.

“I take to the open road, healthy, free, the world before me. – Walt Whitman”

In India, the culture of taking long motorcycle trips is rapidly gaining popularity. Every day, more and more riders are raving their engines to conquer deserts, coasts, and mountains on their beasts.
In this article, we have noted some of the most adventures road-trips that you can take on your bike. Read on to know more.

  1. Delhi to Leh

Every biker in the country has thought of taking this trip once in their lifetime. Known as one of the most adventurous trips in India, the route is full of treacherous terrains and picturesque sceneries.

The trip begins from the capital city and ends at Leh, one of the highest places in the world. The entire trip takes almost two weeks or even more to complete. Roads on the tour are entirely unpredictable, and most bikers face difficulty in riding on these regions.

On the trip, the riders have to pass through the highest motorable pass in the world; the Khardung La Pass, which is the most challenging part of the journey according to many riders.

  1. Bombay to Goa

A trip that has been etched into the minds of most travel enthusiasts. Seldom can forget the journey taken by three friends in the movie ‘Dil Chahta Hai,’ from Bombay to Goa.

And if you loved the reel trip, you will definitely fall in love with the real version of it. The scenic views of Western Ghats, tricky narrow lanes on the Chiplun-Ratnagiri route and road-side vendors, everything in this route is awe-inspiring.

While on the Chiplun-Ratnagiri route also check our the Karnal Bird Sanctuary, the home of 222 species of birds.

  1. Kolkata to Puri

The vacant, green spaces and beautiful villages lined up along the roads make the journey more delightful than the destination itself. The trip is an excellent choice for people who wish to unwind their stress and relax on the beach of Puri.

Moreover, you can also visit the holy shrine on Jagannath Puri to witness the devotion of people. Some other destinations include Konark Sun temple, Chillika Lake, Model Beach, and Makar Mela.

  1. Chennai to Pondicherry

The best road-trip along the coastal lines of the Indian Ocean, the journey will make you fall in love with the exquisiteness of the turquoise waters. En route, you can enjoy the magnificent beaches, have coconut water and enjoy mouth-watering South-Indian delicacies.

The East Coast Road has many great places for sightseeing, which include, Kovalam Beach, Alamparai Fort, Mahabalipuram, and many others.

  1. Delhi to Jaipur Via Agra

The well-known Golden Triangle road makes up for one of the most smooth and awe-inspiring road trips in India. Not just the road, the three cities are also a delight. The cultural and historical presence of these cities offers many magnificent vistas for the traveller.

The Yamuna Expressway is a vast stretch of clean, smooth, and plain roads. On NH8, you may face some hindrances sue to recent construction works, but the ride is full of beautiful sceneries to make up for it.

Some of the sights to be seen include Taj Mahal, Tomb of Akbar, Hawa Mahal, Nahargarh Fort, Red Fort, and India Gate.

Don’t think, Just Do it

Road trips are the best way to gratify your craving for escape and adventure monotony. To pack up bags, rive up the engines and whiz through the road is the kind of break that can reduce your stress.

You just need some friends, music, camera, some money and most importantly a two-wheeler insurance policy to increase the joy of riding. The insurance policy helps in covering any expenses that you might have to face in case of an eventuality. It will also help in covering any third-party liabilities in case of an accident.

Moreover, leading insurers like Tata AIG General Insurance also offer additional benefits with their two-wheeler insurance policy such as:

  • Damage caused due to natural or human-made causes
  • Personal accident cover
  • Return of invoice cover
  • Depreciation cover

So, what are you waiting for? Pack your essentials, buy a two-wheeler insurance policy, and ride away on these beautiful roads to experience freedom.