The Year That Was – Best Travel Stories of 2017

Another year is coming to an end. It was a mixed year with great travel, many important lessons and meeting wonderful people. So here are our 12 photographs of our best travel stories of 2017. 1. DARJEELING The year always starts with Darjeeling and this year was no different! In addition, we also visited the offbeat destinations like Rangeroon, Mongpu, Latpanchar and Bunkulung. Read more about them: DARJEELING – A COMPREHENSIVE TRAVEL GUIDE RANGAROON – A PLACE WHERE DARJEELING MEETS KANCHENJUNGHA MONGPU – REVISITING TAGORE BUNKULUNG–AN UNEXPLORED PARADISE LATPANCHAR – THE HOME OF HORNBILLS 2. HAMPI We were simply...

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70 reasons to travel to India

This August 15, 2017, India will celebrate her 70th year of Independence. Although you do not need any reason to travel to India, yet Tale of 2 Backpackers brings you 70 awesome reasons that you should travel India. India is one of the largest countries of the world. It is a country that has extreme diversity in geography, climate, language, culture, ethnicity and much more. And definitely, India is not a land of elephants and snake charmers; though we love them all. Like every other country in the world, India too has her share of good and bad. But...

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Beyond Amarnath Yatra

I had been putting off this post for a long time. I just thought that my writings might ruffle a few. But now whenever I am on any social media, I just see and read about “incidents” that does not please me. The stories of lynching or the disheartening news of Baduria in West Bengal and the last one I came across is the terrorist attack on Amarnath pilgrims. Then I see the headline of an online post saying that it would deepen the divide between Hindu and Muslims and Kashmir should be ready for more bloodshed! We are...

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Apeejay Kolkata Literary Festival (#AKLF2017)

Kolkata loves books. And the city responds so well to cultural and literary events. So when the 8th  edition of Apeejay Kolkata Literary Festival 2017 flagged off on the 6th June 2017, the event was well received by all. The Apeejay Kolkata Literary Festival (AKLF) reflects the vibrancy and culture of the city and it’s inauguration events are so arranged as to showcase the rich heritage of the city. It is also India’s only Literary festival that is held by a bookstore – the Oxford Book Stores. The Oxford Book Store in itself is a legacy of heritage. The brand “Oxford...

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An open letter to Dear Zindagi

Dear Zindagi, You must be really annoyed at me. The correspondence and one to one chat we used to have, had long since stopped.  The fun we used to have together have become lesser by the day. You know, my dear Zindagi, I have become too much attached to trivial things that I forgot my best friend. The one, who has always been with me sharing the crests and troughs of my life with the same panache as myself, laughed with me and cried with me and always cheered me up when I was low. I forgot you. I...

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Happy Friendship Day

A journey is best measured in friends, rather than miles. – Tim Cahill The best part of travelling is meeting new people. And the people we meet along the road leave an indelible impression on us. The journey can be more beautiful if you have someone to share the joys and pains of travelling with you. Yes, the people you meet while travelling is friends that you make for a lifetime. The joy of travelling is delightful and joys of making friends as we move are even more sublime. We have been travelling long and we were fortunate to...

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Expressions of Himachal

One of the best parts of travelling according to me is meeting new people and making new friends. And when you are travelling the remote villages and the small hamlets aloof from the modern civilisation, you get to meet the locals who are so pure and always having a smile on their face. you may not ask their names, or even if you ask, you might not remember it after you are back to your concrete space, but they do leave an enduring impression on us. The joie de vivre felt on meeting these local residents lingers back even after a...

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Kolkata Traveller’s Meet

A few days back I was quite fortunate to attend a Traveller’s Meet organized in Kolkata. The meet was organized by Kolkata Bloggers and Nomadic Clouds at Infinity Benchmark Building on 4th of May. I had always wondered that in spite of the Bengalis being such a travel loving community, why travel meets eluded the city of Kolkata. I have seen a number of travel meets, blogger’s meet happening in other cities like Bangalore and Delhi, but very few in Kolkata. We Kolkatans love to travel as well as to write. What was holding us back? So when I...

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This post is dedicated to world’s best husband – my husband! And 10 years of our being together. Yes, 14th April 2016 was the fateful day when both of us decided that we are meant to be together. Well, he is the best only to me, like our love story is only ours favourite! Every love story is unique. The love castle is very lovingly built and nurtured by the two and the foundation of the castle is very carefully laid. So is ours. It all started with a yellow salwar kameez! My husband says that he first realised...

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They inspire me – International Women’s Day

Ever since my childhood I have been influenced by a few very wonderful women. They are instrumental in my growth as a human being and a woman that I am now. So here is a humble effort during International Women’s day to pay tribute to all those important ladies in my life who never ceases to inspire me even today. I had grown up under the influence of a strong and influential lady – my grandmother. She is a doctor, a homemaker and one of the most dynamic and inspiring ladies I have seen. She is highly spirited and...

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14 Romantic places to spend Valentine’s Day

Love is a feeling that transcends all. Love makes us do wonders. But where do we find it? Is it in the eyes of our beloved? Or is it just holding the hands of our dear one that makes you feel loved? Or is it in the green mountains or the blue seas or the yellow sands. We are celebrating Valentine’s Day today which is the day of love (though St. Valentine did not only spoke of romantic love, it is only after Chaucer’s poetry in the 14th Century that Valentine’s Day got the romantic connotation). Also we celebrated Saraswati...

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Life is always better when we are together

It has been a journey of 5 years till now – 5 years of travelling, utter madness and of course, togetherness. Well, we were married 5 years back on 26th January, 2011 much to our parents’ relief. They somehow believed that marriage would make us more “stable”, responsible and perhaps slow us down. Bit much to their chagrin, even after five years of marriage we are still not “slowed down”. So this post is dedicated to all those who think marriage means the end of freedom! It has been five years of roller coaster journey which we have thoroughly enjoyed. ...

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