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We are Agni and Amrita – explorers, travel writer, photographer, videographer and graphic designers. We have an eye for creativity and originality that is expressed in our content so that our clients have an assurance of success with us. We offer content for tourism promotion, brand campaigns, social media marketing, property photography and videography, product photography and other brand partnerships.

With us, you will reach a highly targeted audience with a love for travel having an interest in photography, heritage and culture.

It is not about the volume, but about the engagement and meaningful reach.


  • Travel Blogger of the year 2019
  • Best Story culture 2019


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Why Us?

  • Because we are just like you.
  • We are neither hardcore backpackers nor luxury travellers.
  • As much as we love exploring newer places beyond the bucket list, we also like to see the main attractions of a place.
  • We love backpacking, while at times we also enjoy sightseeing with family and friends.
  • We love to venture towards the unknown and hurdles on the road do not daunt us.
  • We are amenable to diversity and open to new cultures and experiences.
  • We believe in Responsible Travel and sustainable development of the ecosystem through travelling.

What we do

You can hire us for


When we travel, we just do not tick off the list. We travel and engage with the local people, customs and cultures. Our storytelling is engaging and strikes a chord with our readers. You can contact us for travel and tourism projects that would help people know about this beautiful world. We are open to collaboration with different Tourism Boards, travel service providers and brands. You can also send us for press trips.


For travel guidebooks, coffee table books, websites and blogs and other print and online materials. We can help you for marketing your travel services and products.

We also do freelance writing or social media projects for your brand or company.


All the photographs used in this blog are taken by us unless otherwise mentioned. The photographs are of people, culture, destinations and food. Please feel free to contact us if you want to use or buy any of our photographs.


You can contact us for videography of destinations, properties and products.


If you are looking for a professional product review to reach a wider audience, then we have the solution for you. We believe each product is different and we review the product from the perspective of its users and provide an honest and unbiased opinion.

We also provide reviews of properties and destinations.


We can plan and design a campaign exclusively for your brand. Contact us for campaign related to travel, photography, social media and content creation, whether online or offline.


We are open to conduct workshops and talks at corporate, academic or social organisations. We are open to deliver lectures and conduct workshops in order to promote responsible travelling and create an awareness of eco-tourism. We have conducted travel talks with Kolkata Bloggers and Umadic.


You can contact us for planning your trips and vacations. Since we travel extensively and experientially, we can curate the best experiences for you. Contact us for planning your trip. We have already helped 300+ travelers in planning their trip.


You can freely contact us for guided educational trips, excursions and walks for school and college students. We have conducted trips for architectural students from NIT Rourkela in association of Explorarchi. 

Content comes first

We always strive hard to make our posts informative while sharing our experiences on road. We try to add value to readers’ experience and be as useful as we can to them. Content is sacrosanct for us and we are quite protective of them. It is the love of our readers that makes us going stronger and better.

If you want to reproduce any part of the content, photographs, written piece or otherwise, please contact Amrita at

Write to us at for our media kit.

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