Dear Zindagi,

You must be really annoyed at me. The correspondence and one to one chat we used to have, had long since stopped.  The fun we used to have together have become lesser by the day. You know, my dear Zindagi, I have become too much attached to trivial things that I forgot my best friend. The one, who has always been with me sharing the crests and troughs of my life with the same panache as myself, laughed with me and cried with me and always cheered me up when I was low. I forgot you. I was too much occupied with my job, work, facebook and twitter accounts, conforming to societal pressures and norms. And then BlogAdda suddenly made me realize that I have been neglecting you since long.

So, how have you been doing? I bet you have missed me. Remember my first letter to you? I had just learned letter writing and in my glee, I wrote you a page long letter! And this rendezvous continued. You also encouraged me when I wrote those little poems while sitting at the last bench of my class. Being one of the tallest in class, I was always told to sit at the last bench. Remember my indignation about that? But, you were so cool about it. You must have known beforehand, that later in secondary school I myself would prefer to sit at the last bench!

You have seen it all. From my happiness to my stubbornness, my anger and my stupidity; you were part of the journey, my dear Zindagi. You were beside me all through my “turbulent” teenage. The day I forgot my lines in Elocution competition in front of a stage full of people, I was devastated. The day when I got highest marks in English, I was overjoyed. The day I performed a pathetic dance at the stage, there was spring in my steps. The days I broke rules, I was apprehensive, yet happy. My euphoria on realizing that I am in love simply could not be contained! I was ecstatic when I discovered the joys of travelling. And you my dear Zindagi are my partner in crime. You were part of my laughter, cries, happiness, insecurities and jealousies. The best moments were spent inside the quilts reading story books all night long and while watching the endless horizon from a mountain top.

Dear Zindagi

A collage of Me and my dear Zindagi

Then I grew up, finished college and got my job. Our exchange of thoughts became fewer. I became too busy in my own make believe  world. Responsibilities grew and life became complicated. I simply did not have enough time! Little did I realize that it was I who was making things tougher. Instead of appreciating the smaller beauties of life, I was fretting over things that were out of my control. And you were waiting silently for me with that knowing smile on your lips.

Today the prodigal daughter is back looking out for her best friend. However annoyed, angry and vexed you are, I know you too cannot live without me. We are inseparable. You love me as much as I covet you. So together we will go through this journey called life. Because isn’t it the journey that is truly deserving and more beautiful!

I love you, Dear Zindagi. Let us learn to cherish the nuances of life and enjoy this life expedition together.

I am writing a letter to life for the #DearZindagi activity at BlogAdda

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