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What is the first thing that comes to your mind while thinking about Kurseong? I had always associated the place with tea gardens, orchids and Giddapahar. However, I never thought that there could be a camping destination right in the middle of a forest near Kurseong! Yes, there is a new adventure and camping destination near Kurseong. Located amidst the jungles of Sepoydhura, Ecopulse is a secluded camping ground with the right amount of adventure, forest trail, nature and tea gardens.

Tea Gardens near Ecopulse Kurseong

We found out about this offbeat place near Kurseong quite by chance from a friend. During our last trip to Darjeeling, we decided to spend a day at Ecopulse.

And it was a thrilling and fun-filled day.

We camped after a long time, trekked and spent a day completely in the lap of nature away from the city and crowd. There was food, music, tea gardens, campfire and lots of carefree fun. Read along to know more about this new offbeat place near Kurseong – EcoPulse!

Where is Ecopulse located?

EcoPulse is located just 8 km from Kuseong main town, quite inside the jungle of Sepoydhura. The location is surrounded by lush tea gardens that Kurseong is so known for. If you are coming from Kurseong, you have to get down at Sepoy Dhura and then hike for about a kilometer to reach Ecopulse. The best way to arrive here is by bike. In that case, you will be able to ride quite near to the camping site. And it is a different kind of adventure to ride through the tea gardens and reach Ecopulse.

Ecopulse - offbeat place near Kurseong

What can you do at EcoPulse?

There are a number of activities that one can enjoy at Ecopulse. There are numerous hiking trails in and around the place, most of them through the tea gardens. So you can simply don your hiking shoes, choose a trail and walk along. Some of the trails are quite pleasant, while there are a few that go through some difficult trails, made more so by the rains.

There is a hiking trail to the river in the valley. This one is also quite beautiful through the tea gardens.

Trekking trails near Ecopulse

If you are tired after a day of trekking and hiking, you can enjoy campfire and barbeque in the evening. If there is a musician among you, then what can get better than that?

There are other things to do at Ecopulse as well. You can visit the village organic farm; experience some first-hand farming. You can also taste the local fruit wines made in the villages. They do taste quite well.

If you want to taste some really good fruit wine, I would suggest you to visit Azing’s Farm in Rinchenpong.

Experience at EcoPulse

We were in Darjeeling when we decided to visit Ecopulse. We took a shared Sumo from Darjeeling towards Kurseong and got down at Bhotay Busty in Sepoy Dhura.

Reaching Ecopulse

There is a green sign board saying Margaret’s Hope and Sepoy Dhura on the road. Just beside it, you will see another flex sign board of Ecopulse. From there starts a very bumpy and dirt road that goes through a village at first and then through the tea gardens. The road finally ends near another signboard of Ecopulse. Bikes can come up to this point only.

From there you have to hike down through a forest trail for a few minutes to Ecopulse Camping ground. There is a small bamboo bridge that we crossed and finally reached our destination.

Bamboo Bridge to reach Ecopulse camping site

The place is totally secluded. Located right in the middle of forest between huge trees, it was an oasis of peace. Ecopulse has 5 tents for stay. These tents are not actually erected on ground, but are inside an elevated enclosure made of bamboo. A flight of steps leads inside the area where the tent is erected. 2-3 people can stay in each tent.

Tent arrangement at Ecopulse near Kurseong

There is a common seating area, a place for bonfire and barbeque. The toilets and washrooms are in a separate area.

After arriving at Ecopulse, we headed straight towards the kitchens. We were quite hungry after all! The kitchen area is small and cosy. There are a number of items that you can order like pakoras, wai wai, roasted chicken and many more. Alcoholic beverages are also available there.

Kitchen area at Ecopulse

After having a filling lunch, we went around to explore the place. In the evening, we had a bonfire and barbeque and it reminded me of the fun times at Roopkund trek!

Next Morning

The next morning, after having our breakfast, we went for a short hike through the tea gardens. We went through some really narrow trails along the cliff edge. It was quite a thrilling hike after a long time.

Tea gardens in Kurseong

The only thing that irritated me was leeches. It was just after the rains and the forest was quite full of leeches. So if you are visiting Ecopulse in monsoon, don’t forget to carry some salt. I heard applying sprays like Volini also helps to keep leeches away. I am not quite sure about that, but you can try. And if it works, do let me know.

But the views were simply breathtaking.

Tea gardens, rolling green mountains, emerald green valleys and clear blue skies dotted with cottony white clouds – these views are worth all the trouble and leeches.

Sunset at Kurseong

After the hike, we returned and then it was time to return. Also, our trip had come to an end and we had to return back to the concrete jungle. We trekked back again to Sepoy Dhura, took a cab to Kurseong and then finally took another shared sumo back to Siliguri.

This trip to North Bengal was quite a revelation. After a relaxing stay at Mahaldiram and again at our favourite Darjeeling, Ecopulse was quite a thrilling end to our small vacation.

So those of you looking for an adventure-filled weekend near Kurseong and Darjeeling, go visit Ecopulse.

How to reach Ecopulse?

Ecopulse is located about 8 km from Kurseong town.

The nearest railway station is New Jalpaiguri (NJP) and the nearest airport is Bagdogra. You can rent a cab from NJP, Bagdogra or Siliguri to reach Bhotiya Bustee in Sepoy Dhura. From there you have to hike to Ecopulse.

Those who are looking for budget options take a shared sumo from Siliguri or NJP towards Darjeeling and get down at Sepoy Dhura signpost. You will see the green signpost on the road. There is a road that goes down towards Sepodhura Tea Estate. You have to take that road. There are signposts of Ecopulse at intervals. A bike trip to Ecopulse will also be quite adventurous!

Sunrise at Ecopulse

Ecopulse Contact

I am just sharing the contact information of EcoPulse here.

Contact: 7477644589/ 6294228051

Hope you liked the post on Ecopulse. Would you like to visit this place? Please let us know in the comments below.

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