You’ll feel more relaxed

We all go in search of the ultimate holiday that will take us away from the hustle and bustle of city madness. If you have a high-profile position, a position that takes a lot out of you and just drains you of all energy or a position where you have to be on call almost 24/7, the ultimate dream holiday is one that is exclusive to you and your partner or family. Believe it or not there are plenty exclusive holidays and retreats worldwide and it’s becoming a popular choice amongst holidaymakers. Exclusivity means the luxury of five star service, making you feel like the only guest in the hotel or resort. It means avoiding crowds and getting the opportunity to enjoy amenities as and when you like. Exclusivity means enjoying your getaway in absolute peace, while indulging in the most luxurious comforts.

You will experience better service

If you choose a hotel or resort that prioritizes exclusivity, you will find that you will receive better service all round. You are paying for this exclusivity (which is indeed a luxury) so they will give you all the added attention. The staff will get to know you on a more personal level, will address you by name and will soon discover your likes and dislikes. Some places, where exclusivity is one of their main selling points, will design a menu just for you based on your tastes and dietary requirements. This is relaxation at its best. You are there to put your feet up and simply enjoy every moment, while everyone else is seeing to the rest. Exclusivity doesn’t mean you’ll be the only people there, it just means you’ll be made to feel that way, because the service is one on one, is personal and there are much smaller crowds than usual (because it’s a boutique experience).

You’ll be able to enjoy activities and amenities without having to plan too far in advance

Having an exclusive holiday means no standing in ques, and likely no need to make bookings too far in advance for activities that interest you. An exclusive getaway means everything on offer is open and available to you. You’ll be able to plan your day as you wish and be spontaneous when you want to be. It’s essential though, that you check what activities are on offer, and plan your day around them. Some activities are weather dependent or are only available on certain days (especially extraordinary ones). Depending what type of vacation it is, should it be on a luxury private island, you will find they have plenty of water sports to choose from like snorkeling, scuba diving, rowing or just relaxing on a private beach under the glorious sun, playing beach games and ordering whatever you feel like and not having to wait too long, or having to plan too far in advance. Sounds like bliss!

You’ll have more space for yourself

Just picture the accommodation, amenities, the space, the entire area, virtually all to yourselves. You can do as you please, when you please. You can ‘own’ this piece of heaven, that is filled with peace and tranquility for as long as you are there. No-one telling you what to do, you can sleep in if you feel like, you can remain in your pajamas all day without getting all beautified just to start the day because others might see you. Freedom to be and do just as you like, and no reminders of the usual everyday routines. This is the advantage of exclusivity.

You will feel like the King/Queen that you are!

If you are wanting to feel like the King or Queen that you are, then this is the type of holiday that will make you feel like royalty. Undivided attention, no ques, readily available to service and provide for your every need. You will not want to go back to the chaos of the real world after an experience such as this! You will leave this little sanctuary feeling pampered, relaxed, spoilt and totally rejuvenated, ready to go back to your usual lifestyle, familiar routines, but feeling ready to take on the world. It’s also a glorious thought knowing that your little piece of relaxation is not going anywhere, it’s just waiting for you to make that next trip.