A Beginner’s Guide To Vacationing In Jamaica

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When you are vacationing this year, you may choose Jamaica because it has a certain flavour that other countries do not. You can travel to many lovely locations on the island, and you can stay in private villas that sit in the middle of town, near the beach, or on a private island near the coast. This guide shows you how to find the best places to stay, how to find the best food, and how to truly enjoy your Jamaican vacation.

Rent A Villa

Caribbean villa rentals in Jamaica may range from $150 a night up to $1000 a night depending on the size of the villa, the location, and the amenities. A villa that sleeps a couple and has an ocean view may be much cheaper than a large villa that will sleep up to 12 people.

When you choose a villa, you need to decide if you want to be on the water or in the city. If you are staying in a place like Montego Bay, you may want to stay near the clubs and restaurants. You can stay near the water because you want private beach access. Plus, you may find a lovely villa that sits over a sleepy shop in town.

The villas that you choose should come with a full kitchen, a laundry room, and sleeping accommodations for several people. You need a few bedrooms to keep everyone comfortable, and you should ask for a sleeper sofa that allows someone to crash on the couch. The villa should have private access and a key or code that only you have access to.

Most villas will not have daily rundown services, but you can request extra supplies when needed. A quality villa likely has its own pool, and the best villas will have a view of the ocean.

If you are staying on a private island just off the coast, you may have a few villas to use on a large private property.

Which City Do You Choose?

Montego Bay

The main hubs for tourism are Negril, Montego Bay, and Kingston. Montego Bay is the most popular of these cities, but Negril has some amazing resorts that you need to see for yourself. Kingston is a large city with a rich history. You can tour government buildings in Kingston, and you can fly into the international airport for your vacation.

If you want to go to the hottest tourist hub, you should try Montego Bay. Some people may choose to take a tour of the centre of the island that will take them from Kingston in the south to Montego Bay in the north. Plus, you may choose to stay in the hills in the centre of the island where it is very quiet. You are surrounded by lovely forests, and you can still see the ocean.


When you come to Jamaica, you should look into paddleboarding tours of the coast, charter fishing boats, snorkeling trips, and scuba diving adventures. You can learn how to parasail, or might want to learn to surf on one of the many popular beaches.

Clubs and restaurants line the streets of the three largest tourist hubs. Plus, you can take tours of old buildings that were established long ago. Jamaica has a long and rich history that you can explore.

You can visit the National Gallery of Jamaica or the Rose Hall Great House. There is a Bob Marley museum, and you can try the nightclub district in Kingston. The Appleton Rum Estate shows you how your favorite liquor is made, or you could ride the rapids on the Rio Grande. Create an itinerary before you leave for the trip, and check every exciting activity off your list.

Hidden Locations And Beaches

Jamaica sea beach

Caribbean villa rentals cannot give you access to every beach or hidden cove. You could swim in the Blue Lagoon that is hidden among the trees, or you could visit spots like Boston Bay, Little Bay, or Reach Falls. There is a floating treasure shop that will take you on an adventure to find trinkets that you cannot get in the city. You can even go on a crocodile spotting trip if you are travelling down the quieter parts of the Rio Grande.

Doctor’s Cave Beach and Cornwall Beach in Montego Bay will make you feel as though you have found the perfect vacation spot. Treasure Beach on the South Coast is an amazing place to visit because it is known more for fishing and farming in the area. You can eat amazing local food, and you can stay in a few quiet hotels along the beach.

Seven Mile Beach in Negril is a massive beach that allows you to take romantic walks, and you could try Rose Hall Beach that has craggy rocks and seashells.

What About Legal Marijuana?

You cannot go to Jamaica or visit the Bob Marley Museum without asking about legal marijuana. You can legally use medical marijuana, but you should not carry around marijuana for recreational purposes. You can buy legal marijuana products from licensed dispensaries, but remember that you should use those products while you are still in Jamaica. You cannot take these products on the plane.

Your Jamaican vacation will be an amazing experience for everyone. You can rent a gorgeous villa, visit amazing beaches, try more than one resort town, fish, surf, and get away from your busy life back home.

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