The enormous bridge was looking so elegant and strong. Harry looked out from the window of the OLA cab and felt the cool breeze blowing from the river Hooghly. “Yes, I am finally back home, I am finally at Kolkata.”

Harry’s reverie was suddenly broken by a long screech and Harry saw a long line of taxis and buses in front. “Some things will never change,” Harry chuckled. Harry clearly remembered the day when he first came to this big city. He was nervous about his future, tired because of the long journey, but overwhelmed seeing the city. The other students were in different stages of emotions – some edgy like him, while others chattering incessantly.

Harry Potter

And when he reached his school, he was awestruck seeing the building. School was simply a great place. The place where he learnt, he played Quidditch and also first tasted tea, which Aunt Petunia always denied him. Harry made friends quite quickly. Ron and Hermione were always by his side, and Hagrid. The friendly giant of a man, he was always there to help him. With Hagrid, the trio was never hungry. Phuchkas, Bhelpuri, Muri masala were always ready with Hagrid. And sometimes there were egg rolls and chaats. Those were the days! Thinking of food, how can Harry forget about Mr. and Mrs. Weasely, Ron’s parents. They were connoisseurs. Harry remembered the luchi and alur dom made by Mrs. Weasely. The mere thought about the mutton made by her brought water to his mouth. The payesh made by her on his birthday was his favourite.

Harry Porter

Kolkata is the place where Harry grew up. “Not only my school, but this city also taught me valuable lessons of life.” Harry was thoughtful. The memories of his school days played like a kaleidoscope before him. The adventures he had with Ron and Hermione were experiences were unforgettable. The numerous visits to Victoria Memorial was so much fun. And so was College Street. While Hermione would be busy with her books, he and Ron with fool around and look at the Presidency College, one of the best colleges of the Muggles. And then there was the Book fair! The whole Hogwarts would be seen at the fair.

The three once went to the P.C Sircar’s show. Harry wondered whether Mr. Sircar was actually a muggle or a wizard like them. He still does not have the answer!

Harry vividly remembered the journey the three undertook to find the Horcruxes. They had to travel throughout the West Bengal. And finally the fight with Voldemort! With Voldemort gone, today the magical world of Kolkata is a much peaceful place.

Harry Potter

Now when harry is in Kolkata today, he could smell the scent of night jasmine. The bamboos are lying on the road and the structures of pandals have started. Durga Puja is coming, the time of festivities, to meet family and friends. Harry was eagerly waiting to meet Hermione, Ron and other friends. Ginny was also waiting. But before meeting them, he has to meet the CM of the state. She was felicitating him with the Kolkata Knight Riders team at Eden Gardens today. Dada will also be there. Harry was a great admirer of Dada. He was already late and must reach the venue in time. “Shall I use my broom? The thought crossed Harry’s mind.

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Harry Potter