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Diverse in nature and culture, yet united at heart, India is truly an incredible place. Being one of the oldest civilizations in the world, India is a kaleidoscope of myriads of experiences. Truly, the country is among the most popular tourist destinations in the world.

India’s landscape is as diverse as its varied cultural traditions. The mighty Himalayas stand on the northern fringes of the country while the sparkling ocean and sea kiss its southern coast. Teeming wildlife is found in the forests of the country. After all the Royal Bengal Tigers and Asiatic lions have all found their home in the land.

India has a rich heritage and history and that is seen in the grand architecture sites across the country. Culturally stimulating, India has diverse culture, traditions, festivals and cuisine. The country is magnificently beautiful, yet bewildering at time. In short, India is a land of colours, festivals, spirituality, spices and contradiction. Spirituality is in the heart of India.

For a first time visitor, India can be quite challenging. Crowd, people and chaos are evident in every streets and corners of the country. But there is hardly any person who does not fall in love with this huge nation that is also called a subcontinent. Be prepared for unexpected surprises, even pleasant ones that might come right in front of you. Gradually, India will grow on you.

Spend time in India and explore her with an open heart. Experience the spirituality, nature, heritage, culture, festivals, yoga, cuisine and the warmth of India. We guarantee you will have a memorable time.

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