7 Countries where you can go on a Family Trip post Lockdown

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Please understand: Right now is not the time to travel. Please travel for leisure only when the pandemic has been considerably reigned in.

The Coronavirus pandemic has had us all scooped up in our homes, unable to go anywhere. Restrictions have been imposed everywhere with travel coming to a complete standstill. But that doesn’t mean we can’t dream about travelling to a paradise once the pandemic has been reigned in. 

Planning for a vacation down the line can also keep your mind off the chaos that surrounds us and will keep our mind positive. 

The best places to visit would be the ones that require less hassle in planning. Getting a visa is one of the major headaches while planning your trips. An easy way around the uncertainty of visa approvals is to choose countries that provide Visa on Arrival for Indians.

Here are the top 7 countries Indians can flock to without worrying about the visa processes.

  1. Thailand

Koh Mak - one of the best beaches in Thailand

Thailand has been conquering the hearts of honeymooners, adventure travellers, and just about anyone looking for some time-out. Thailand’s exotic beaches are the main allure. This coupled with adventure sports, scuba diving and island hopping, rolls out a warm welcoming red-carpet for tourists. 

Besides the beaches, Thailand is also famous for the myriad of Buddhist temples that dot the landscape. Its rich cultural heritage and floating markets are the go-to place for anyone looking above the beach experience. Thus Thailand packs in a wonderful cornucopia of experiences for every type of traveller.

Visa type – Visa on Arrival for Indians

  1. Mauritius


Mauritius is a fairly unknown travel destination for most Indians, albeit being a beautiful one. Lying 2,000 kilometres to the south-east of the African continent, Mauritius is endowed with rich flora and fauna. 

This top luxury destination offers crystal clear water beaches. The warm and welcoming population here is multi-ethnic. Mauritius hide within its nooks and crannies some beautiful places which will yield easily to any traveller looking to explore this serene place.

Visa type – Visa on Arrival for Indians

  1. Indonesia

Borobudur Indonesia

Indonesia is a cluster of over 17,000 islands. That staggering number alone betrays the possibility of endless adventures. Each island stands apart with its own unique culture, customs, sights and food. 

The white-sand beaches of Sulawesi, Kalimantan, Pulau Weh, Maluku, Derawan;  the tempting volcanoes of Sumatra are just the tip of an iceberg of wonders that Indonesia holds within its islands. Foodies will have their dreams come true, stuffing their stomachs with the delicacies of Indonesia.

Visa type- Visa on Arrival

  1. Sri Lanka

Sigriya Rocks Sri Lanka

Our next-door neighbours are no short of adventures. The silent island of Sri Lanka roars of many beautiful escapades. The verdant landscape with rolling hills and lush greenery will soothe your eyes. The coastlines are idyllic spots to seep your toes into relatively less crowded beaches. 

The mainland is a mixture of lowland jungles and misty hills where you can easily relax and watch the world pass by. Ruined cities and religious monuments also dot the landscape for the cultural buff.

Visa type-  Electronic Travel Authorization granted online

  1. Vietnam


Vietnam rose from its tumultuous history into one of the widely travelled countries in South Asia. The name Vietnam always brings to one’s mind the rich paddy fields swaying in the light breeze. 

But there is more to Vietnam than what meets the eye.  Venerable pagodas, white-sand beaches, looming mountains and mysterious caves all lies to be explored by anyone who loves to backpack across this charming country. 

Travel from the major cities Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City into the lush landscape of Cambodia, Laos and Mekong. Also, don’t miss out on the right UNESCO heritages in this country.

Visa type – Apply for Visa online and pick up Visa from the airport.

  1. Jordan


Although a lot of middle-eastern countries offer easy visas for Indian travellers, one country stands apart from the rest with its magical world heritage sites – Jordan. The hospitality of Jordan is world-famous. 

The country has a mixture of Roman amphitheatres, Crusader castles and Christian mosaics. The Petra is easily the most revered sight to visit here. The desert landscape will enchant you with its red dunes and curving canyons. 

Despite its close proximity to war-ravaged countries, this hospitable and safe haven will as surely welcome you as it welcomed the refugees.

Visa type – Visa on Arrival

  1. Malaysia

beaches of Malaysia

Malaysia’s catchphrase of being “truly Asia” embodies the rich cultural heritage, wonderful cuisines, traditional architecture and rural crafts. It is one of the most visited countries by Indians. Explore the bustling city of Kuala Lumpur, the island of Penang and the premier tourist destination Pulau Langkawi.  

Malaysia too has scenic beaches and tantalising cities, but it would be the dozens of national parks and the world’s oldest tropical rainforest that puts the country among the top-notch destinations to explore. 

Visa type- Visa on Arrival or eNTRI Visa

Things to carry during international travel post Lockdown

The pandemic has altered the landscape of travel. Once the pandemic is over, the norms regarding travel would have changed drastically with masks and hand sanitizers being commonplace phenomenons.

So how can we travel safely after the pandemic?

  1. Get overseas travel insurance – Getting an Overseas Travel Insurance must definitely be in your to-do list before you plan your travels. If you ever get into any medical emergencies while abroad, overseas travel insurance can help you cover for it. Otherwise, you might have to spend a humongous amount on medical expenses. It will also help you cover for passport loss, baggage loss and flight cancellations.
  2. Carry hand sanitizers and hand wash – Have small hand sanitizers and portable hand wash products in your carryon luggage. Use them often when you touch objectionable surfaces. Keep practising hand washing often.
  3. Wear a mask – Keep wearing masks whenever you step out to overcrowded and public places. This will be a good practice to maintain until we have a vaccine in hand for the coronavirus. It will also help prevent you from touching your nose and mouth accidentally.
  4. Keep health certificates in hand – Before you begin your travel, it would be best to get a health checkup report from your doctor verifying that you are fully fit to travel and that you have no infections. Post COVID, many countries might make this mandatory to further prevent unnecessary infections from outside.
  5. Portable water purifiers – Consider investing in portable water purifies that you can carry around in your bag. Keeping hydrated is very important and you might not always have access to clean water. A water purifier can help you in a long way in saving money which would otherwise go into buying water bottles. It will also ensure that you travel sustainably.

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