Ever since my childhood I have been influenced by a few very wonderful women. They are instrumental in my growth as a human being and a woman that I am now. So here is a humble effort during International Women’s day to pay tribute to all those important ladies in my life who never ceases to inspire me even today.

I had grown up under the influence of a strong and influential lady – my grandmother. She is a doctor, a homemaker and one of the most dynamic and inspiring ladies I have seen. She is highly spirited and has an enormous zeal for all the best things in life. Having lost my mother at a young age, I was brought up by my grandmother. I have little recollection of my mother, but I think she must have been like my dear grandmother. She would single handedly manage her profession along with looking after me, cooking for me, getting me ready for school and even coaxing me to devote some of my time to spirituality! It used to irritate me then, but today I realize that it was because of her constant scolding, bickering and of course love, I am a much better person today. To her nothing was impossible; you just have to work hard towards it. And she made me believe that I can be successful and good at anything I do. In fact, my love for travel has also been inherited from her. She still has this incessant penchant for visiting new places. Her eyes still sparkle whenever there is a plan for a holiday trip! My heartfelt gratitude and love to my darling grandmother, Dr. Gita Sengupta.

International Women's Day

My grandmother and me

The second person who I remember with great fondness is my first teacher at my school in Kolkata. I had changed my school in the third standard and joined a new school. I was a scared and very shy child, very low in self confidence who seldom used to talk to anyone. My Class Teacher Mrs. Singh seemed to understand me perfectly and was always there to help me and boost my confidence. Her help had definitely made me cope up with new environment in a better way.

Another influencing person was my English Teacher Manjusha Di. I used to go to her for private tuition during my 11th and 12th standard. English was never so good before. She made studying literature a pleasure. Not only did she improve my English, but her teaching also had a profound influence on my way of thinking and seeing things.

Finally, I would like to mention about my mother-in-law. She is a quiet, loving and sensible lady. She might not have much opportunity like the others, but she made the best use of whatever limited means she had. Ever since the first day I met her, she had always made me comfortable and been a friend.

Each and every woman I meet has something or the other to teach me. As I travelled, I had met many wonderful women who had been an inspiration even in little ways. I remember during my Roopkund trek, I met Rekha aunty who was in her fifties but trekked better than me! While I was huffing and puffing, she was simply enjoying the trek. At Neil Islands, Andamans, I had met Sadhana Di who was an entrepreneur running the best food hotel in the island. She plans to start a resort too. She showed that is a woman is determined enough; she can rise above any obstacles and achieve her dreams. I am also in awe of all the ladies who have made a mark in whatever they are doing.

International Women's Day

With Sadhana Di

Having said these, I also want to say that there are important men in my life too. But I will write about them sometimes later. As we are celebrating Women’s Day this 8th March, let me talk about the ladies now. This is a tribute to all the wonderful woman who have been important and inspiring in my life. This is a tribute to all those women who have been inspiring and making this world a better place to live.