A few days back I was quite fortunate to attend a Traveller’s Meet organized in Kolkata. The meet was organized by Kolkata Bloggers and Nomadic Clouds at Infinity Benchmark Building on 4th of May.
I had always wondered that in spite of the Bengalis being such a travel loving community, why travel meets eluded the city of Kolkata. I have seen a number of travel meets, blogger’s meet happening in other cities like Bangalore and Delhi, but very few in Kolkata. We Kolkatans love to travel as well as to write. What was holding us back? So when I heard about this event, I was quite excited. Kudos to Kolkata Bloggers for arranging such a meet!

Traveller's Meet Kolkata

Full audience at the Meet | Courtesy : Nomadic clouds

The meeting was quite an interesting and eye opening event for me. It was graced by some eminent personalities from the world of travel, photography, print media, and digital media. Also travellers, budding bloggers, start-ups had come and it was an absolute pleasure meeting them.
Mr. Abhishek Chamaria, social media strategist gave a useful insight on how to effectively use the digital media to popularize our blog. The blog monetization aspect was also very nicely covered by him. I surely did not know that Google plus was such an effective medium to popularize the blogs.
I was simply overwhelmed to meet travel blogger Anuradha Goyal. She shared her experiences with us and gave us tips on becoming a traveller as well as a blogger. She advised all the budding bloggers to develop  the content. “Follow the Saraswati, you will find Lakshmi coming after you”,she said. I think that was one of the biggest takeaways from the session for me.
Jayati Saha, a renowned photographer simply mesmerized us with her photographs. But the best of the lot among her pictures were reserved for “Ashabari”, a home for the destitute not very far from Kolkata. “Ashabari” or the home of hope was started by Mr. Joseph single-handedly. It is now the home of many mentally challenged persons. The story of Ashabari was beautifully and touchingly captured by the lenses of Jayati di.

Kolkata Bloggers

Mr. Joseph along with Ms. Jayati Saha and Rangan Dutta

Srivatsan Sankaran, a photographer from Chennai and the founder of Madras Bloggers were present and his photographs on “Theyyam” captured the soul of the festival and the dancers in an astounding way.
I also came to know a lot about “Coffee Table books” from the youngest Indian publisher from Kolkata Esha Chatterjee. She is the publisher of Bee Books.
Finally, Anirban Saha himself enlightened us on blogging and gave us valuable tips on popularizing our blogs.

Traveller's Meet

The Question-Answer session with the speakers

The question answer session was equally interesting with all the speakers answering on various topics from travelling to social media. The evening was quite engaging. With people from various backgrounds, all bound by their love for travel had met on a Wednesday evening making the event an experience to remember. For me, it was an affair to remember. There was an ineffable thrill of meeting my idols like Anuradha Goyal and Rangan Dutta (Yes, he was present at the meet, though I wished he was among the speakers!). Also, I met my school friend Aninda at the event. It was a long time since I had met him.
It was commendable of Kolkata Bloggers and Nomadic Clouds for arranging such an event. I would hope that they would arrange for more events like this in upcoming days.

Traveller's Meet Kolkata

Traveller’s Meet Kolkata