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Holidays on your mind? Are you looking for a long weekend in 2020? Take a look at this long weekend calendar to check out all the long weekends 2020 and how to make use of these long weekends without taking many leaves from your office.

I am the kind of person who looks for all the red marks when I first get hold of a new calendar. Yes, I am talking about all the holidays marked on the calendar. The next step is obviously planning a weekend trip or road trip around those long weekends. I am sure there are many out there just like me whose travel planning starts much ahead. Well, it is never too early to start planning a weekend trip or vacation. Like always, both Agni and I were in lookout for all the long weekends in 2020 so that we could start thinking about how to manipulate our leaves and make the most out of these long weekend in 2020.

Long Weekend in 2020 List

This year also has many of the national holidays like Republic Day, Independence Day, Onam, Dussehra falling on Saturdays and Sundays. There are 2 holidays falling on mid-week (Wednesday). So if you can take 2 or 4 days leaves, you can plan a long vacation of 5 to 9 days! A few of the holidays fall on Thursdays and Fridays, so you can either take a leave or no leaves at all and plan a short weekend trip. So here is your guide to 2020 long weekends that you can look forward to.

  • January long weekend 2020

January has 2 holidays on Wednesday. So if you can take 2 or 4 days leaves, you can get a long holiday.

January long weekend 2020


Date Day Occasion  Days Remarks
January 1 Wednesday New Year’s Day   Take leaves on 2nd and 3rd January (Thursday and Friday) and Saturday and Sunday are weekends. So you will have 5 days of Holidays
January 15 Wednesday Makar Sankranti, Pongal 5 Mid-week again like the previous one
January 16 Thursday Take Leave    
January 17 Friday Take Leave    
January 18 Saturday Weekend    
January 19 Sunday Weekend    
January 23 Thursday Netaji’s Birthday 4 For Odisha, Tripura and West Bengal
January 24 Friday Take Leave    
January 25 Saturday Weekend    
January 26 Sunday Republic Day    
  • February Long Weekend

There are one restricted holiday and one regional holiday falling near the weekends.

February long weekend 2020

January 31 Thursday Saraswati Puja/ Basant Panchami 4 For Haryana, Odisha, Punjab, Tripura & West Bengal
February 1 Friday Take Leave    
February 2 Saturday Weekend    
February 3 Sunday Weekend    
February 21 Friday Maha Shivratri 3 Restricted Holiday
February 22 Saturday Weekend    
February 23 Sunday Weekend    
  • March Long Weekend 2020

It is the Holi weekend in March 2020.

March Long Weekend 2020
March 7 Saturday Weekend 4  
March 8 Sunday Weekend    
March 9 Monday Take Leave   For West Bengal, holiday is on March 9 (Dol Jatra)
March 10 Tuesday Holi    
  • April Long Weekend 2020

April is a good month. There are loads of weekends where you can plan a trip, both long and short.

April long weekend 2020

April 2 Thursday Ram Navami 5 Gazetted Holiday
April 3 Friday Take Leave    
April 4 Saturday Weekend    
April 5 Sunday Weekend    
April 6 Monday Mahavir Jayanti   Gazetted Holiday
April 10 Friday Good Friday 5  
April 11 Saturday Weekend    
April 12 Sunday Weekend    
April 13 Monday Take Leave   Holiday in some states like Assam, Haryana, J&K
April 14 Tuesday Dr. Ambedkar Jayanti    



  • May Long Weekend 2020

We have 2 weekends to consider in May 2020.

May long weekend 2020

May 1 Friday International Labour Day 3  
May 2 Saturday Weekend    
May 3 Sunday Weekend    
May 23 Saturday Weekend 3  
May 24 Sunday Weekend    
May 25 Monday Id-ul-Fitr    
  • June Long Weekend 2020

June does not have any holidays. There is only for Odisha and Bengal.

June long weekend 2020 - long weekend calendar
June 20 Saturday Weekend 4  
June 21 Sunday Weekend    
June 22 Monday Take Leave    
June 23 Tuesday Rath Yatra   For Odisha and West Bengal
  • July Long Weekend 2020

July is also low on holidays like every year. Bakr-Id is on 31st, but the date can shift to Aug 1 as well.

July Long Weekend in 2020 - long weekend calendar
July 31 Friday Bakr-Id 3  
August 1 Saturday Weekend    
August 2 Sunday Weekend    
  • August Long Weekend 2020

Independence Day is on a Saturday. A leave is lost. There is Janmashtami leave to consider though.

August Long Weekend Calendar 2020
August 8 Saturday Weekend 4  
August 9 Sunday Weekend    
August 10 Monday Take Leave    
August 11 Tuesday Janmashtami    
  • September Long Weekend 2020

September long weekend 2020

Sept 17 Thursday Mahalaya 4 For Karnataka, Odisha, Tripura, West Bengal
Sept 18 Friday Take Leave    
Spet 19 Saturday Weekend    
Sept 20 Sunday Weekend    
  • October Long Weekend 2020

October Long weekend in 2020 calendar
Oct 2 Friday Gandhi Jayanti 3  
Oct 3 Saturday Weekend    
Oct 4 Sunday Weekend    
  • November Long Weekend 2020

November - long weekends in 2020
Nov 28 Saturday Weekend 3  
Nov 29 Sunday Weekend    
Nov 30 Monday Guru Nanak Jayanti    
  • December Long Weekend 2020

December Long Weekend 2020
Dec 25 Friday Christmas 3  
Dec 26 Saturday Weekend    
Dec 27 Sunday Weekend    

The calendar provides only the main holidays of India. For other holidays, you have to refer to your state-level and regional level holidays. Hope this 2020 long weekends calendar help you to do plan your weekends and figure out what you want to do.

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