We are Agni and Amrita, the 2 Backpackers who decided to give stability and security of a homely life a miss and embark on a life full of adventure and mercurial experience. We both have a full time job, but that is not a deterrent to our travel dreams. Tale of 2 Backpackers is essentially the stories of our journey, travels, realizations, inspirations and aspirations. We would love to have you along with us in this journey, connect with you and exchange life experiences. We hope our travel stories encourage you to take the risk to live your dreams, even if they are not related to travel.

Tale of 2 Backpackers (the website) is definitely about our travel stories and experiences. But it is also about the story of our journey through life, coming out of our comfort zones and our transformation from just a citizen to a responsible citizen of the planet earth. We believe in responsibility and sustainability, because we care.

We believe in

Responsible Tourism

Travellers and tourists often tend to harm the ecosystem more than others. As travellers, when we visit a place, we make it an effort to be sensitive to the ecology of the place, as well as towards the culture and socioeconomic conditions of the place. We believe in responsible travel.

We do not inherit the earth from our forefathers. We borrow it from our future generations.

While travelling, we do not merely tick the list. We travel to understand a place, its people and culture. We visit a place to know about its heritage. We love to know the stories of people, their work, food and festivals.

Our favourite travel style

Well, we are 2 Backpackers. Mainly because we carry 2 large backpacks with us wherever we travel. We usually prefer slow travel and do not live by the checklist. We do not have a particular travel style. We have hitchhiked during our travels as well as splurged on a fancy car (Sometimes in the same trip). We love trekking, visiting cities, exploring cultures and everything.

Northeast India

Meghalaya Bike Trip Itinerary – our adventure on roads

Oh! How I always wanted to do a Meghalaya Bike Trip! The pitch black roads through the beautiful Khasi villages always lured us. Though we had previously visited Shillong and Cherrapunji, we wanted to do explore Meghalaya on a bike or scooty. There are very few people...

Why you should visit Bodoland & Manas National Park

We came, we saw and we loved. This is what we felt about Bodoland. The place with its scenic vistas, wildlife sanctuaries and adorable people simply stole our heart. The week we spent at Bodoland during the Dwijing Festival was simply full of unadulterated fun and...


David Scott Trail – a historical trail in Meghalaya

So we decided to walk down the horse cart trail that was laid down to connect Assam and Bangladesh during the nineteenth century. The David Scott Trail, named after the British administrator David Scott is one of the oldest trekking routes in Meghalaya. Last year was...

An walk to remember – Chadar Frozen River Trek

The Chadar Frozen River Trek is perhaps one of the most beautiful treks in India. I will not call it glamorous as many tend to call it. Because, when Chadar is associated with the word 'glamorous', it becomes one of the treks that needs to be ticked off the long...

Kudremukh Trek – Western Ghats

Kudremukh is so beautiful! It was the first thought that came to my mind when I got a first glimpse of the peak. In the Kannada dialect "Kudre" means horse and "mukha" means face. And it happens so that the Kudremukh or Kudremukha peak appears like the face of a...


Unique festivals around the world

If you want to really know about a place and its people, you must visit during the festival time. The celebrations, colours, joie de vivre around the event as well as the rituals and ceremonies make these festivals unique. We both love to visit the different festivals...

Kagyed Dance (Chham) – Masked Dance of Sikkim

“You must come back to see the Kagyed Dance before Losoong, the Sikkimese New Year” – said the aged monk from Rabong Monastery. And it was then we decided that we would be back at Sikkim again during December. “Again in December? Were you guys not here in August for...

Heritage & Culture

A guide to the Kumbh Mela at Prayagraj (Allahabad)

Kumbh Mela - the highest gathering of people on pilgrimage in the entire world. It is believed that a visit to the Kumbh is an experience in itself. Kumbh is the faith and belief of crores of devotees. And you can very well see that if you visit this grand spectacle....

Chanderi Sarees – Tales told in silken threads

The nine yards of wonder has always been one of my favourite attires. My visit to Chanderi has been quite influenced by the silken fabrics or Chanderi sarees that are quite famous among the saree lovers of our country. The saris are known for their sophisticated...

Raghurajpur, Odisha – a saga of Pattachitra, Gotipua and more

You can see the paintings of the mythological stories on the walls of their houses. The exterior of the houses is full of colours. I am talking about Raghurajpur, a village near the spiritual hub of Odisha, Puri. Raghurajpur is known for its beautiful pattachitras,...


Temples of Bagan that should not be missed

Once upon a time, there were as many as 10000 temples and pagodas in Bagan, an impressive testimony of the religious devotion of the people and rulers of Bagan. All 10000 do not exist today. Many were destroyed by natural disasters like an earthquake while a few bore...

Amer Fort – A must visit place in Jaipur

I was speechless at the sheer opulence of the place! The huge courtyard, the majestic gates and the Sheesh Mahal, all made me moon-eyed about the place. But you may say, that I have always loved these ancient structures made of stones, marbles and sandstones! Yes, I...

Terracotta Temples of Baranagar, Murshidabad

I stood stunned as I looked at the complex yet magnificent terracotta designs in front of me. I did not know Murshidabad has such beautiful terracotta temples. I had not seen such beautiful terracotta works of the last battle between Rama and Ravana. The temple...

Rural Getaways

Martam, West Sikkim – serenity meets simplicity

Mountains and monsoon make a lethal combination. With the clouds rolling on the mountain tops and a dreamy atmosphere all around, monsoons create a magical canvas in the mountains. Don’t you think so? To experience this magic, we travelled to West Sikkim on an...

Mawlyngot – where tea changed the lifestyle!

Tea has brought a lot of changes in our life. – Riba from Mawlyngot said thoughtfully. We were a little surprised. We love our cups of Darjeeling Tea, but tea plantation in Meghalaya was new to us. (We know so less, there is so much to be seen and known!) And then...

Yumthang Valley – The Valley of Flowers

This year our trip to North Sikkim was full of surprises and wish-fulfilment. North Sikkim was on our wishlist for a long time. Surely, it is so true that if something comes late in your way, then that must be special. It started with a wonderful view of the...

Traveller at home – Kolkata

Bonedi Bari Durga Puja in Kolkata

It is said that this is the greatest festival of the Bengalis. We Bengalis have a different way of celebrating the Durga Puja. It is not just a festival to worship the Goddess; Durga Puja is a carnival. It is the time for family, friends and reunions. And the best...

Armenian Christmas Celebration in Kolkata

With Christmas around the corner, Kolkata too is getting decked up in the mood of festivities. December 25th has now become a festival for all. Bow Barracks near Bowbazar celebrates the spirit of Christmas all through the week. But do you know, that another community...


We know that Wikipedia is the world’s largest knowledge repository. But have you ever wondered from where does Wikipedia access all these lesser known information? Wikipedia, the world’s largest online encyclopaedia runs entirely on a voluntary basis. For this...

Our eternal Love  – Darjeeling


Darjeeling – the name itself is enough to make us go on a nostalgic trip and then pack our bags. I have already written a lot about our love for Darjeeling umpteenth times before and also about must see places in Darjeeling. But this time we travelled Darjeeling in a...

Darjeeling – A Comprehensive Travel Guide

Darjeeling – the Queen of Hills has been one of our favourite destinations of all times. The eternal beauty and the quaint Victorian charm of the place can lure all. With the magnificent view of the Kanchenjunga ranges overlooking the beautiful tea gardens, Darjeeling...

Darjeeling Monsoons – a reverie in the rains

Happiness is Darjeeling Monsoons! Darjeeling – the one place that brings a smile to our lips as well as makes us go on a nostalgia trip. And we are not the only one; there are many Bengalis who feel the same way like us. Darjeeling – the name itself evokes a...











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