Rosogolla Festival, Kolkata – a dive into the pool of sweet delight!

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Red, yellow, pink and green – I looked at them wide-eyed. Well, I am talking about the savoury sweet delight – rosogollas! We were at the Acropolis Mall in Kolkata attending the Rosogolla Utsav or the Rosogolla Festival. When I heard about the Rosogolla Festival, my sweet tooth already started working wonders and prompted my mind to take a visit to the Mall.
So along with our dear Uttara Di, we visited the Acropolis Mall on October 27 to attend the Rosogolla Festival. Shops of almost all the famous sweet makers of Kolkata were there – K.C Das, Balaram Mallick, Gangurams, Nalin Chandra Das, Banchharam, Nepal sweets and the newest entrant in the field of rosogollas – Swati’s flavours of rosogolla.

Rosogolla Festival, Kolkata
Options were galore, and we took the opportunity to see the variants of sweets and also taste them. We started our rosogolla tour with Swati’s Stall. Swati’s Flavours of rosogolla is a unique take on rosogollas. She has developed various flavours of rosogolla. She has the general fruity flavours like black currant, strawberry, pineapple, kiwi and much more along with some exotic flavours like Kala Khatta, Thai mix fruit. Chilly, Pista Crush and even Vodka flavoured one! She has 170 flavours of rosogollas and aims to introduce a total of 500 flavours within a year. We had the blueberry, kalakhatta, kiwi and pineapple flavour from Swati’s.

Rosogolla Festival, Kolkata

Green Mango flavoured

Rosogolla Festival, Kolkata

The quintessential Gurer Rosogolla

We then visited the Gupta Brothers. Apart from the special rosogollas like watermelon, orange, Kesar rosogollas, there were other delightful sweet items. The exotic items in their offering were the “Chhupa Rustam”. Mango, butterscotch Chhupa Rustams were a few mouthwatering and must try options.

Rosogolla Festival, Kolkata

At K. C Das, the Rasamalai was heavenly and at Nepal Sweets, we loved their baked Chamcham. Banchharam bowled us with their usual Mihidana tart and baked Sandesh. And so did the rest of the stores with their rosogolla varieties!

Rosogolla Festival, Kolkata
So what happens if there is a debate about the origin of these spongy, soft sweet delicacies? So what happens if the two neighbouring states fight over these lovely balls of sweet? Rosogolla will keep winning hearts everywhere. I must confess that even after being such a sweet lover, I never had so many sweets in a single day! I could not help myself tasting the different varieties.

What were our favourites?

We loved Gupta Brothers for their watermelon rosogollas. The rosogollas actually tasted great and never felt that artificial flavour was added. The rasamalai at K. C. Das was simply heavenly. The word “melt in your mouth” is actually apt for this rasamali. The baked chamcham at Nepal Sweets was another of our favourites.

Rosogolla Festival, Kolkata

Rosogolla Festival, Kolkata

Where is Rosogolla Festival, Kolkata held?

The Rosogolla Utsav at Kolkata is being held at the Acropolis Mall, Rajdanga from 25 th to 29th October 2017 this year.

Why should you go to the Rosogolla Utsav?

Simply to taste the numerous options of rosogollas and the other sweets.

Hope this Utsav (festival) is held every year and keep pleasing all the connoisseurs of sweets.

Rosogolla Festival, Kolkata

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