The title of the post actually surmises my feelings for Shivaay.

Cast: Ajay Devgn, Erika Kaar, Saayeshaa Sehgal, Abigail Eames, Vir Das

My Ratings: 2.5/5

When the first poster of Shivaay was out, I was intrigued. The poster had Ajay Devgn all over in a very bold and mountaineer avatar and was enough to pique my interest over the movie. Next, the teaser and trailer heightened my anticipation. Being a mountain lover myself, very soon I found myself eagerly waiting for the movie. In fact, Shivaay won over Karan Johar’s Ae Dil Hai Mushkil because Shivaay was about mountains and hiking.

At least I thought so!

The movie started with promise with Ajay Devgn lying down with the various tattoos depicting Lord Shiva’s features all over him. And then started some larger than life chartering of the snowy mountains with the ode to Lord Shiva playing in the background. The feats performed by Ajay Devgn, I doubt can be ever performed by any human being! But Shivaay is a Bollywood film, so I accepted all of these with a pinch of salt.

It’s going to be great! (My thoughts at this moment after 15 minutes into the movie)

Shivaay as Ajay Devgn is called in the movie is a mountaineer with the strength of maybe a ‘Yeti’. He is also shown smoking Chillum with abandon at even 16000 ft above the sea level to stress the fact that he is indeed an incarnation of Shiva! Anyways, Shivaay takes a group for trekking in a very avalanche prone zone where he meets the beautiful Bulgarian student Olga (played by Erika Kaar). Shivaay is taking the team from 16000 ft to 20000 ft, but somewhere down the frame, I see some treeline that is hardly probable at a height of 16000 ft with so much snow. And why don’t girls in films ever feel cold? If I were at 16000 ft I would be with all my jackets and gloves and mufflers. But these ladies are there with off-shoulder dresses and hot pants and midis. Don’t they ever feel cold? Of course, if I were able to withstand such cold in so fewer clothes, I would have been on the screen and not here writing all these gibberish!

But then I love mountains, so I still think that this movie is going to be great. (30 minutes into the movie)

So the dreaded avalanche hits the team and our poor Olga is stranded with Shivaay in a very transparent tent that is hanging from the cliff. The only casualty is that Olga fractured her leg. So much for an avalanche! Danger made these two realize their love for each other and the rest, as you know is (passionate) history.

Just as Saurav Shukla (he is the head of the Indian Embassy in Bulgaria) at one point in the film tells that the lovely Olga distracted Shivaay from his meditation on the mountains. The result was Gaura (the cute Abigail Eames), the lovechild of Shivaay and Olga. But Olga has a family to look after at Bulgaria and cannot stay back in India. Our Shivaay too cannot leave the Himalayas. So we see Olga after giving birth to her child moves back to Bulgaria leaving Shivaay to look after their daughter. And this is where all the mountaineering and trekking ends in the film.

The movie will be okay… ??? (after 45 minutes in the movie)

Everything was fine in the life of father and daughter until Gaura finds out that her mother is still alive. So our little girl throws all the tantrums so that her father takes her to Bulgaria. Finally, Shivaay gives in and takes her to Bulgaria. At Bulgaria, Gaura gets kidnapped by a gang of masked child traffickers and the rest of the film is about how Shivaay fights all odds to save his daughter from the bad people.He is helped by Anushka (played by Saayeshaa Saigal) an Indian diplomat in Bulgaria and Wahab (a very annoying and forgettable cameo by Vir Das).

What have I gotten myself into!!! (after the interval)

The action scenes at Bulgaria were superbly shot. There was really some mind-numbing action sequences as well as gravity-defying. So many cars were destroyed that I felt I was watching a Rohit Shetty movie. Remember Ajay doing the Golmaal series and Singham with Mr. Shetty. No doubt, he is inspired. I very reluctantly thought that if not mountains, I would see some paisa –wasool action scenes. But how I was wrong. The second half of the movie when Shivaay searches for his daughter starts with a solemn note and treads on the border of boredom. The film stretches to almost three hours trying the patience of the audience. Had the film been an hour short, it might have been a good watch. The cinematography is astounding, but the screenplay is definitely a letdown.

And finally the man of the moment – Ajay Devgn, the director, the producer and the actor. Ajay was all over the movie with his brooding eyes, silent machismo and angry looks. He is a terrific actor and I genuinely admire him. as a director too, I liked his previous work “U, Me Aur Hum” though it did not achieve success commercially. But Ajay Devgn overdoes everything here. Somewhere down, his direction lets down the actor in him. His portrayal of the larger-than-life Shivaay is perhaps the weakest point of the film. Shivaay simply becomes an overblown action drama and the film becomes a harrowing experience.

Thank God! It’s over… (End of the movie)

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This review is completely my personal view. I loved the mountain shots, broody Ajay Devgn and the cute Abigail. But post interval the movie was a complete letdown. Did you watch Shivaay? What are your reviews? Please comment below.