Live life to the fullest, because it only happens once.

-Maddi Jenkins

So, how many times have you told yourself “Someday I will do……. “. Or perhaps heard yourself say “ This is not the right time to do this.. I will postpone this for later.” My husband Agni wants a Royal Enfield for himself since his college days. He used to say then “ I’ll buy one as soon as I get a job.” Well, he has been working for nearly four years now, but the Royal Enfield has still eluded him. “ Let me get a hike first”  is what he tells me. But I can see the longing in his eyes whenever he sets his eyes on a Royal Enfield on road.

Someday I will - Live Life to the fullest

Road Trip – Leh, Ladakh

All of us have so many desires, small or big; most of which are not fulfilled. Sometimes we think that this is not the right time.  Or we have to save for bad times. You see a dress which you really wanted for a long time at the shop, but you don’t buy it thinking that the money can be used in some other useful purpose! The next time when you have enough money to buy the dress, you do not find it anymore!!!! And you grudge for some days. This happened to me also!!

 Sometimes we just cannot overcome our fear. You like someone, but you are afraid to approach that person on fear of being rejected. You have some great plan to start something new, but you are just afraid to foray into a new area. I, myself had postponed writing this post for long thinking what will others think!!!

Someday I will - Live Life to the fullest

Trek to Roopkund, Uttarakhand

And sometimes we blame others for things which we cannot do.” It’s because of my boss/spouse/ parents.”  It is not because of anyone, but you, yourself. People who cherish you will also respect your aspirations.

Someday I will - Live Life to the fullest

Bike Trip at Leh

Life is too small waiting for the right time to do things, but too large to live your dreams if you shun your fears and work towards them. It took me three years of travel to realise that I just have to stop existing and start living. For me, living is following my dreams and aspirations. I do not want to grow old thinking “If only I had shown more courage…..”.  I  have a list of things that I want to do before I die, and I want to fulfil them. I might not be able to complete all of them, but I will definitely try; so that I don’t regret thinking that I had never tried. The list changes every year with some points being chucked off!

Someday I will - Live Life to the fullest

Playing with the snow at -25 degrees – Chadar Frozen River Trek

Life does not stop, nor it will wait for you for eternity. There is no such time called “the right time” to start. Now is the right time to do what you really wanted to do all your life. You just have to get out of that comfort zone that you have created for yourself. There will be hardships in the path you take, but believe me, the journey is worthy to be taken.

I too have decided to venture into lands which I have given a miss due to my fears. Because, I have deceived my phobias, broke up with my arrogance, got engaged to my confidence and got married to my dreams….

So when are you starting…..??? #MyDare

Someday I will - Live Life to the fullest

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