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An open letter to Dear Zindagi

Dear Zindagi, You must be really annoyed at me. The correspondence and one to one chat we used to have, had long since stopped.  The fun we used to have together have become lesser by the day. You know, my dear Zindagi, I have become too much attached to trivial things that I forgot my best friend. The one, who has always been with me sharing the crests and troughs of my life with the same panache as myself, laughed with me and cried with me and always cheered me up when I was low. I forgot you. I...

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Live life to the fullest, because it only happens once. -Maddi Jenkins So, how many times have you told yourself “Someday I will do……. “. Or perhaps heard yourself say “ This is not the right time to do this.. I will postpone this for later.” My husband Agni wants a Royal Enfield for himself since his college days. He used to say then “ I’ll buy one as soon as I get a job.” Well, he has been working for nearly four years now, but the Royal Enfield has still eluded him. “ Let me get a hike...

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