Things to Remember if You Are an Indian Traveling to Canada

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If you are an Indian planning a trip to Canada, you might already know that there are well established Indian neighbourhoods all across the country. Punjabi. Gujrati, Tamil, you name it, Canada’s cities have neighbourhoods speaking these Indian languages and more. Feeling at home already? They don’t call Canada ‘One of the friendliest countries in the world’ for nothing! You’re thinking ‘This is great, but what are the few things I have to keep in mind for my trip?’ Well, you came to the right place alright! Here are a few pointers for you:

Get the Passport

One thing to remember as you prepare for your trip to Canada is that you’ll need a passport. There are a number of countries which do not need a passport to travel to Canada but India is not one of them.

It can take a while to receive your passport, so it is important that you start this application as soon as you can. Having your passport will give you peace of mind and allow you to travel anywhere in Canada without any issues.

Tourist Visa

Canada requires a visiting visa or a Traveling Visa from people visiting from certain countries and one of them is India. This is another document you are going to need to travel freely throughout the country when you visit, but make sure you apply for it with enough time.

Now, a Canadian visa would cost you around $100 (Canadian) which falls just short of Rs.5000 in the Indian currency. You would require to submit your itinerary and proof of your financial support along with your visa application. If your application gets accepted, there would be a visa counterfoil affixed next to your passport.

Some people who apply have no problems getting it relatively quickly, but there are others who hit snags from time to time. You don’t want to worry about getting your visa on time, so plan ahead.

Health Plans

It is important that you have a plan to take care of medical emergencies while visiting Canada. Yes, this country offers one of the best health care systems to its citizens, but this does not extend to tourists.

It would be wise to purchase travel insurance that covers emergency medical bills before you go to the country. Of course, if you didn’t think about this and you need cash for a medical emergency, it may be a good idea to learn about transferring funds to Canada through a money transferring agency. Your family or friends back in India can help you deal with this emergency.

Big Country

Canada is a big country, and exploring it can be daunting without someone to guide you through Ottowa, Vancouver, or Toronto among the other cities you need to visit. Sure, there are some people from India who are fine traveling the country without a guide to help them, but in the end, you may end up missing a lot of the country’s beauty.

Coming to this country isn’t something you can normally do every weekend. This takes some careful planning, and because it requires so much work, you need to make sure you do not leave anything to chance. Purchase tours to help you see the natural beauty of this country, and explore the culture in this country.

Good Food, Great Culture

Canada, being the melting pot of cultures it is, offers you multiple cuisines to choose from.  All you have to do is visit some of the country’s biggest cities, and you’ll find all sorts of food from all over the world as well as natural, vegetarian alternatives.

Those traveling from India and eat more vegetarian-based meals may find it gratifying to know that the vegetarian movement is taking place in several places around the world, including Canada. You will not have a hard time finding a good vegetarian restaurant; all you have to do is punch in what you are looking for into your smartphone, and options should pop up.

The Temperature

Canada does go through some of the coldest winters, and it is vital to keep that in mind. The winter months are usually somewhere between November and March. Those who want to avoid the cold, snowy winters may want to stay clear of Canada throughout these months.

Of course, those who are more than excited to experience these types of temperatures need to prepare by making sure you have the proper attire, like winter coats and other warm materials to wear. You are also going to need snow boots because snow can get a little slippery, and you do not want to fall.

Hopefully, these points make it easier for you to travel to Canada from India and enjoy everything the country has to offer, from the beautiful Ice Castle in Quebec to Niagara Falls in Ontario.

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