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Spain is one of the world’s best destinations for hiking. Surrounded by the Mediterranean and Atlantic coasts and home to scenic mountains, lush forests, and beautiful historic cities, the country offers incredible hiking opportunities. So, if you’re thinking of hiking in Spain but have no idea where to go, you have come to the right place. Below is a list of the best hiking locations in Spain to help you to plan your hiking adventure in this beautiful country.



Located in the Mediterranean, Menorca is a charming Balearic Island famous for its scenic trails, especially the 184-km Camí de Cavalls route, encircling the entire island. The path could take seven to ten days to conquer, so it’s more suitable for expert hikers who can take on multi-day hikes. There are also shorter trails for those who are not keen on hiking for several days.

The hike from Cala Galdana to Cala Macarella takes only 30 minutes, and it’s probably the easiest of all hiking trails on the island. It starts at the steps opposite the Hotel Audax and will take you to the west, into the wooded cliffs and secluded cove of Cala Macarella. Surrounded by limestone cliffs, this cove is very picturesque. There’s also a beach bar at the western end of the beach, a welcome respite after walking on a hot day.

The coastal walk from Santo Tomas to Son Bou is recommended if you prefer to walk by the coast. It takes approximately one hour and starts at the Hotel Victoria Playa, which lies at the end of Santo Tomas Beach. You can choose to walk along the water’s edge or take the path just off the beach.


Ibiza - Hiking locations in Spain

Ibiza may be small, but it’s home to several miles of hiking trails running along its picturesque beaches and passing through sleepy villages. This stunning natural landscape makes Ibiza a special place to visit for avid hikers.

Es Canar in the north of Ibiza is a perfect place to enjoy a relaxing walk while surrounded by stunning nature. At the same time, this route will take you to some of the island’s most popular spots. It’s 12 km long and takes about three hours to conquer. It starts in Es Canar Beach ending in Sant Carles’ church. Along the way, you will be treated to the beautiful views of Santa Eulalia’s countryside, especially the picturesque coves of Cala Nova and Cala Llenya.

Walking along the picturesque towns of Ibiza is also a fun activity. The island is home to several picturesque small villages that are easy enough to walk around. You can spend half the day or even the entire day walking around the Dalt Vila, which has plenty of sights and attractions, not to mention a heavy dose of culture and history. The area is also home to several large modern Ibiza luxurious holiday villas with easy access to the beach and the various attractions on the island.

Costa Brava

Costa Brava

Surrounded by the sparkling Mediterranean coast, the Spanish region of Costa Brava is another popular destination for hiking in Spain. It’s tucked away in Catalonia’s northeast corner, stretching from the French border towards the coastal town of Blanes.

Costa Brava’s coastal trails are simply stunning. The Ccamí de Ronda, a coastal path running through the entire length of the region, is popular among all kinds of hikers. At more than 200 km long, the coastal path will take you across picturesque fishing villages while passing through dramatic cliffs. This trail is historic as it dates back to the early 19th century and is used by the Guardia Civil to hunt for smugglers.

While you could probably spend up to ten days walking the entire coast of Costa Brava, most hikers can only conquer shorter stretches. For instance, the trail from Sant Feliu de Guíxols to Begur is a 43-km route that you can do for three days. On the first day, you can walk for 17 km from Sant Feliu to Palamós, then from Palamós to Llafranc, and finally, Llafranc to Begur.


Mallorca - hiking locations in Spain

Mallorca’s stunning landscapes consist of rugged mountain ranges lining up by the sea, valleys, and plains and can make for excellent hiking trails. This idyllic Spanish island, which sits in the Mediterranean and rises out of the Balearic Sea, is a true hiker’s paradise.

If you’re looking for great walks near the picturesque town of Pollença, consider hiking along the road to Puig de Maria hill. It’s just over 2 km long and offers some of the most breathtaking ocean views. At the top of the hill, you’ll find a historic sanctuary converted to a hostel, where you can refuel with some delicious meals and drink after walking for about 45 minutes. You can also choose to sleep here if you plan on hiking overnight. As a fairly easy route, this trail is often popular for hikers, especially during the peak of summer.

After spending the day hiking around Mallorca, you deserve to sleep in a luxurious accommodation. In fact, you will find some of the most luxury holiday homes in Spain, in Mallorca. Some of these homes are located close to the best hiking trails on the island.


Tenerife - hiking locations in Spain

Like most Canary Islands, Tenerife is often associated with stunning beaches and luxury resorts. But this pretty little island is also home to some of Europe’s most scenic hiking trails. Most of which will take you to the mountains surrounded by breathtaking ocean views.

One of the easiest walks you can find close to the famous Mount Teide is the Roques de García, a short trail encircling a striking rock formation in just an hour. The hike will begin at the Mirador de la Ruleta viewpoint, just across the Parador Nacional. From the viewpoint of Mirador de la Ruleta, you can glimpse the stunning La Catedral rock that juts out of the Caldera floor. The caldera rim in the background looks like beautiful stone walls, which makes this hiking trail popular among hikers.

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