Traveling on a Budget: 8 Cost Saving Hacks for the Informed Traveler

If you’re no spring chicken in the world of travel, you’re what I like to call “seasoned”. A seasoned traveler is well informed on all the dos and don’ts associated with travel as well as knowing all the “hacks” that people new to traveling might have no clue about....

A Guide to Dwijing Festival in Bodoland, Assam

It is really a land untouched! Bodoland is a place that has a simplicity and raw beauty in it and exploring such a place had never been so exciting. Northeast India has been one of our favourite destinations and we were quite fortunate to explore the paradise in 2018....

Urby Passport holder – a review

The trip to Myanmar was special, as we got our passports stamped for the first time during this trip! Well, we have been to Bhutan before, but Indians do not need their passports for travelling to Bhutan. Along with travel preparations, we sometimes give less...

India to Myanmar by Road – the great road trip

The change is palpable as we arrived at the other side of the border. People look almost the same, but there are subtle changes in their demeanour. The first thing that we noticed at Tamu was that the place was cleaner and the numerous hoardings of Myanmar Beer. Since...

Know When You Need an eTA and When You Don’t

What is an eTA? This is an electronic travel authorization that allows anyone who meets certain criteria to travel to or transit through Canada by air. This authorization does not apply to people traveling by other means other than air travel. It is a simple...

Overtrekking in Himalayas – Facts that you should know

Overtrekking in Himalayas - it has been told umpteenth time. Of late, rules and regulations are also in place. But are they really effective? Can they really help in preserving the already fragile ecosystem of the Himalayas from the impact of over-trekking? We love to...

Inspirational Quotes by Dalai Lama on Travel and Life

The first time we were intrigued by His Holiness Dalai Lama 14th when we had visited Ravangla way back in 2013. He was there to inaugurate the giant Buddha Statue at Buddha Park in Ravangla. It was there we saw how he was respected by the people. Later when we read...

Temples of Bagan that should not be missed

Once upon a time, there were as many as 10000 temples and pagodas in Bagan, an impressive testimony of the religious devotion of the people and rulers of Bagan. All 10000 do not exist today. Many were destroyed by natural disasters like an earthquake while a few bore...

The Best things to do in Bagan, Myanmar

Bagan is like a fairy tale. If you are at those strategic viewpoints, then you will actually see the surreal landscape you mostly see when you google “Myanmar”. The dreamy mist hovering over the green landscape and the silhouettes of pagodas as long as your eyes can...

The Ultimate Myanmar Travel Guide with Itinerary and cost

Myanmar is a beautiful country. There are beautiful pagodas all over. And then there are lakes, floating villages, breathtaking landscapes, the Irrawaddy and smiling people who welcomed us with open hearts. Myanmar is one of the most culturally exciting places in...

Chanderi Sarees – Tales told in silken threads

The nine yards of wonder has always been one of my favourite attires. My visit to Chanderi has been quite influenced by the silken fabrics or Chanderi sarees that are quite famous among the saree lovers of our country. The saris are known for their sophisticated...

4 Amazing Destinations in India for Fishing Enthusiasts

Fishing has always been a big part of life, and a critical part of the economy, in India. The country is filled with numerous streams, rivers, and tributaries, and the southern part of the country is bordered by both the Arabian Sea and the Bay of Bengal. There are...

Chanderi – a place of historic grandeur and art

When we visited Chanderi, little did we know that this place is going to leave such a striking impression on me. I have always loved ruins and old buildings. And we also love the stories of places and more so, the stories of faces. Chanderi provided all of these. A...

Why You Need To Have a Term Life Insurance during Foreign Travel

Travelling has now become a worldwide phenomenon. Some of us are the regular jet setters travelling for business while there are others who have made the world their home. More and more people are travelling across the globe for newer and better job opportunities,...

Pang Lhabsol and the tale of the Blood Brotherhood

“It is the celebration of togetherness and a time for reverence. We invoke our guardian deities and thank them for protecting us throughout the year”, said the monk who all the time had a serene smile on his face while I asked him lots of questions about Pang Lhabsol,...







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