Travelling is one of the unique passions in life. Some people love to travel and discover new places to collect some beautiful memories of the journey. They also have a mindset to visit some famous sites in the world. Most of the travel lovers show their excitement and enthusiasm to complete their particular journey in time. They have a proper planning chart of the sites where they want to go next. Travellers also take care of their essential items which help them during the travel. They even carry a survival kit with some food items during the journey. Most of the people purchase their required things from the particular traveller stores. They also buy some nutritious supplements and other food items. If you have friends who are passionate about travelling, then you can surprise them with some useful travel gifts. You can be the part of their travel and make their journey more enjoyable. You can dedicate travel gifts to your friends as best new year gifts to them and can make their day special.

Here are some unique travel gifts which will be useful for your travelling friends during their trips.

Solid Travelling Backpack:

A bag is the first essential item for travellers. It is required to carry some necessary things during the journey. You can purchase a solid travelling backpack for your traveller friend. It should be good quality and lightweight travelling bag in which he or she will be able to carry all essential items. Try to gift a waterproof and top-loading packing included bag for your friend. It should also include multiple pockets for different purposes. Make sure to purchase your friend’s favorite color bag.

Personalized Passport Cover and Watch Box:

Your friends have to carry their passports during foreign trips. You can gift a personalized passport cover to your travelling friend. Gift a leather or crafted passport holder which he or she will love to carry during foreign trips. You can also personalize passport cover using his memorable picture. He will like to take such a beautiful case gifted by you. The other idea is to gift a wooden watch box for your friend. It also contains enough space to carry his watch and other small travelling gadgets. You can also choose a metal box engraved with his name letters to make it a unique one.

Personalized Travel Notebook:

Most of the travellers love to carry a notebook to make a record of their memorable journeys. So you have an option to dedicate a personalized travel notebook for your friend. You can choose a crafted leather cover notebook on which he or she will be able to write every day. Try to personalize notebook cover with his or her favorite characters pictures. It will be a new booklet in your friend’s collection. It would be helpful for storing his important documents and keeping track of tickets. Your friend will always remember you while using this beautiful travel notebook.

Nutritious Food Packets:

Most of the travellers always keep some packed food items during the journey. They also carry some nutritious food packets to get essential nutrients at the distant places. You can also show your caring part by gifting some delicious chocolate and dry fruits packets to your friend. If your friend is visiting Bangalore during birthday, then order dessert from the online cakes in Bangalore for the celebration. It will be the best feast for your friend during the journey from your side.

Your friend will be assuredly thankful to you for giving such surprising gifts which he or she will carry during travelling.