Weekend Destinations from Kolkata to beat the heat

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The summers are coming with its scorching days and you have already started planning your next trip to the hill stations. Some of you must have already booked your tickets to Darjeeling and Gangtok. What I suggest is this time leave aside the conventional destinations and tread a few offbeat places. Here is a curated list of weekend destinations from Kolkata where you can pay a visit. And yes, Tale of 2 Backpackers recommends these.

Weekend destinations from Kolkata:

1. Bagora

Misty hamlet, simple villagers, great views of the mountains and complete seclusion from the city life – that is Bagora for you. Bagora is at a height of 7150 ft and is very near to Kurseong.

Why do we recommend?

The place is so tranquil that you will forget all your woes and enjoy the bounty of nature.

Nearby places from Bagora:

You can visit Chimeni, Dilaram from Bagora.

Bagora - Weekend destinations from Kolkata

View from Diki’s Homestay

2. Rangaroon

A small hamlet at the foothills of the tiger Hill, Rangaroon is a place of utter charm. Rangaroon is also the cleanest village among the nearby ones. Rangaroon also boasts of some beautiful tea gardens of Darjeeling area.

Why do we recommend?

You can get a delightful view of the Kanchenjunga ranges from here. You can infact see Darjeeling town and Kanchanjunga in one frame. There is also an abandoned tea factory of the British era.

Nearby places from Rangaroon:

Darjeeling is very near to Rangaroon. You can also make a trip to Lepchajagat, Ghoom from here.

Rangaroon - Weekend destinations from Kolkata

Look at the meandering river

3. Tinchuley

Tinchuley literally means ‘three ovens’ (3 chullas). This is village is given such a name because of the three prominent hills that surround the place and from far looks live ovens. Tinchuley is located very near to Takdah and is a place where nature has given her best.

Why do we recommend?

Tinchuley offers tranquillity like none other. You can enjoy long nature walks along the village amidst the orange orchards, watch the birds and experience the natural beauty of the hills.

Nearby places from Tinchuley:

Visit Takdah, Lamahatta and the Teesta Valley tea estate from here.

Weekend destinations from Kolkata


4. Rongo

Rongo is a hamlet in the Dooars region near Jhalong. Rongo looks like a picture postcard. It is a perfect place to rest and recline. Rongo is also known for cinchona plantations. Everything about this village is so quaint and beautiful. It has a small market, beautiful houses and wonderful villagers.

Why do we recommend?

We recommend it for its tranquillity and peace, the small village walks that will make your day and the simple people of the place. You can also take a visit to the Rongo Monastery and the waterfall.

Nearby places from Rongo:

Visit Jhalong, Bindu and Paren.

Rongo, Dooars - Weekend destinations from Kolkata


5. Icchey Gaon

Icchey Gaon or the ‘wishing village’ is really a place where your wish to spend amidst nature will come true. Situated at the Icchey Forest near Kalimpong, this village is a wonderful retreat for people looking for relaxation.

Why do we recommend?

Apart from great views of Kanchenjunga ranges, you can see some rare Himalayan birds and go for jungle treks. The place has a healing attribute for the tired souls.

Nearby places from Icchey Gaon:

Visit Pedong, Sillery Gaon and Kalimpong from here.

Week Destinations from Kolkata

View of Kanchanjunga range from Icchey Gaon

6. Tabakoshi

Tabakoshi is a small village surrounded by the Gopaldhara Tea Estate. It is a beautiful hamlet and is developed for eco-tourism. The Rangbhang river flows by this village that makes staying at this place more appealing.

Why do we recommend?

Just imagine staying in a picturesque homestay with stretches of lush green tea gardens as long as your eyes can see and the sound of the babbling river flowing by; you can get all this and more at Tabakoshi. The hospitality of the homestay is worth mentioning also.

Nearby places from Tabakoshi:

You can visit Mirik from Tabakoshi.


Tea gardens in the rains

7. Rinchenpong

You have visited Gangtok. Now take a trip to Rinchenpong. It is a beautiful town in West Sikkim near Gangtok. You can get the majestic views of Kanchenjunga ranges from here. You can visit 200 years old monastery and get to know about the story of the “Poison lake”.  Rinchenpong is a perfect place to spend a few days away from the stressful life you lead.

Why do we recommend?

Firstly, you get a very clear and majestic view of the Kanchenjunga massif. Also the Rinchenpong monastery is 286 years old and the Buddha idol here is in the rare ‘Yab-Yum’ position. Finally, taking a walk in the town is simply rejuvenating.

Nearby places from Rinchenpong:

Visit Kaluk, Hee-Bermiok from here.



8. Borong

Borong is an offbeat place just 17 km from Ravangla. Situated at a height of 5800 ft, Borong is an abode of peace and tranquillity with the Himalayan mountains at its backdrop.The Pandim, Narsing and the Sinochlu peaks are visible from here. Borong is also famous for its hot springs.

Why do we recommend?

The hot spring at Borong is not a place to be missed. The Borong hot spring is believed to be the warmest in Sikkim. Also, the hand-made paper making unit is also a must visit place here. Imagine staying in a beautiful cottage amidst fir and pine trees and watching the sunrise early in the morning! Borong can be simply awesome.

Nearby places from Borong:

Visit Ravangla, Ralang and Namchi from here.

Week Destinations from Kolkata

Borong hot spring

9. Lepchakha

Lepchakha is known as the ‘Queen of Dooars’. You have to trek through the meandering jungle path from Buxa to reach Lepchakha. At the end of your road, you will find a plateau surrounded by five hills – you have arrived Lepchakha. The place is simply captivating.

Why do we recommend?

From Lepchakha, you can get the view of all the 12 rivers flowing through the Dooars region. They appear as glistening snakes rambling through the plains below. The seasonal flowers and orchids will fascinate you. And the place is so virgin away from the crowd.

Nearby places from Lepchakha:

Buxa fort, Jayanti and Rajabhatkhawa.

Week Destinations from Kolkata


10. Mongpu

Mongpu features in this list because of our love for Tagore. A small village near Darjeeling, Mongpu is also known for cinchona plantations. Although you do not get mountain views from here, Mongpu has a charm of its own. No wonder that Tagore came back here from time to time. He had spent his last 80th birthday here with the villagers.

Why do we recommend?

You will get to know about Tagore in a different light. Visit Rabindra Bhavan and meet the great poet there. Also the charms of a mountain village are always refreshing.

Nearby places from Mongpu:

Visit Sitong, the orange village from here.

Weekend Destination from Kolkata


11. Takdah

At Takdah, the clouds and sun play hide and seek with each other. The mist descends down the place at its will and what you have is a dreamy place just out of a fairy tale book. Takdah is also called ‘Tukdah” – a Lepcha word meaning ‘mist’.

Why do we recommend?

Takdah was a British cantonment and so this place has some century-old bungalows. So you can simply enjoy regal hospitality here. Simply sit at the long verandah or the sprawling lawns and enjoy the view of the valley while sipping Darjeeling tea.

Nearby places from Takdah:

Takdah is very well situated. You can visit Tinchuley, Lamahatta, Bara Mangwa, Chhota Mangwa and the tea estates from here.

Saino Heritage Guest House

The Guest House

12. Latpanchar

Latpanchar is a small hamlet in the Darjeeling hills known for birds. This place is near the Mahanada Wildlife sanctuary and is the home of many exotic Himalayan birds. Latpanchar is also the nesting place of the great Indian hornbills. Even if you are not a bird photographer, you can enjoy watching the colourful birds. Ahaldara is 5 km from Latpanchar is a viewpoint from where you can see majestic sunrise.

Why do we recommend?

Watch the exotic species of Himalayan birds. You can see the minivets, kingfishers, robins, scaly thrush, black bulbuls, ashy backed shrike, spotted eagles, magpie, drongo, leaf birds. And if you are lucky, you might as well spot the hornbills and sultan tit.

Ahaldara is also a beautiful and secluded place to spend your day.

Nearby places from Latpanchar:

You can visit Bagora, Chatakpur, Sitong and Mongpu from here.


The beautiful village

Here are a dozen of selected weekend destinations from Kolkata that has been brought fresh from the travel kitty of Tale of 2 Backpackers. This list is not the final one and places will be added, as days will pass. If you want to visit these places, just press the contact us button and we will be happy to help. And if you have already visited these places, please share your experiences here.

If you have new places, please let us know. We would love to explore and share them.

Weekend destinations from Kolkata


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  1. We are planning to go bagora at 4th march. But afraid of getting altitude sickness since its elevation 7150 feet! You please suggest what we should do…..

  2. Its really difficult to decide which place to visit as each is beautiful in its own way! 🙂


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