Life is always better when we are together

Life is always better when we are together

It has been a journey of 5 years till now – 5 years of travelling, utter madness and of course, togetherness. Well, we were married 5 years back on 26th January, 2011 much to our parents’ relief. They somehow believed that marriage would make us more “stable”, responsible and perhaps slow us down. Bit much to their chagrin, even after five years of marriage we are still not “slowed down”.

So this post is dedicated to all those who think marriage means the end of freedom!

It has been five years of roller coaster journey which we have thoroughly enjoyed.  Moving in to our first apartment just after marriage, we made that house our home together. We pursued our interests and our passion for travelling. We have somehow never settled down as our parents would have liked us to be. We have done all crazy stuffs, made mistakes and learnt from them; and still in the process of learning. We travelled a lot, visited wonderful places, made beautiful friends and gained experiences which we would cherish for life. Amidst all these chaos and craziness, we also managed to get our new home (our parents were really happy on this one – they thought we have finally calmed down. My grandma actually said that!)

So here we present a montage of the 5 years that had been.

Agni & Amrita

So we finally got hitched in January 26, 2011

Agni & Amrita

Forever is a long time; but I wouldn’t mind spending with you

Agni & Amrita

Our first travel experience – Jhalong, Dooars

Agni & Amrita

You are the risk I’ll always take – at Paro, Bhutan

Agni & Amrita

Nothing’s gonna change my love for you – at Mall, Darjeeling

Agni & Amrita

We are what we believe we are – at Roopkund, Uttarakhand

Agni & Amrita

The good things in life are better when we are together – at Rohtang La, Manali

Agni & Amrita

Braving the Chadar Trek together

Agni & Amrita

5 years of celebration called life

We hope and determine to spend many more 5 years together being madly in love.

A big Thank you to our family, friends and all for making our lives special and memorable.

Travel blogger couple

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We are Agni and Amrita, the 2 Backpackers embarked on the adventure of life together. In between, travel makes us happy as we explore new places and seek newer and crazier experiences.


  1. Antonina

    Happy anniversary! You really give an impression of a wonderful couple. All the best for you and many happy years ahead!

  2. Arun

    Happy anniversary!

  3. Tales of travelling sisters

    Happy Anniversary Agni and Amrita. Wish you loads of happiness and many more mad travel memories 🙂

  4. Mallika

    Hiii lovebirds, what a beautiful journey together so far.wishing u more of the Same with loads of adventure and happiness


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