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Last Updated on: May 20, 2021 

About this blog: Martam, also known as Bermiok Martam is a quaint village on the Hee-Bermiok Road in West Sikkim, away from the rush of tourists. We decided to stay at a cozy homestay named Pradyumna Homestay at Martam village, a few kilometers from the main road. The homestay is in the middle of cardamom fields and was the perfect place to spend a weekend away from Kolkata or even Siliguri.

This blog is all about our visit to this hilly hamlet of Sikkim and our stay at Martam Homestay. We have tried to give all the relevant information about this place, how to visit and where to stay.

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Mountains and monsoon make a lethal combination. With the clouds rolling on the mountain tops and a dreamy atmosphere all around, monsoons create a magical canvas in the mountains. Don’t you think so? To experience this magic, we travelled to West Sikkim on an extended weekend. This time we went to Martam and Sribadam.

Mountains and monsoon make a lethal combination. With the clouds rolling on the mountain tops and a dreamy atmosphere all around, monsoons create a magical canvas in the mountains. Don’t you think so? To experience this magic, we travelled to West Sikkim on an extended weekend. This time we had Martam and Sribadam in mind, both very beautiful weekend destinations in their own right.

Please note that the Martam we visited is in West Sikkim on the Hee-Bermiok Road, thus also known as Bermiok Martam. There is another Martam located in East Sikkim quite near to Rumtek.

The roads to Bermiok Martam, West Sikkim

Martam, West Sikkim – The lap of God

Martam literally means “The lap of God“. True to its name, the place is a paradise. This pristine village is surrounded by two rivers, one of them being the Kalez River. I do not know the name of the second one, neither the villagers were able to tell me! With small houses having colourful gardens and terraced green farms all around, the place is soothing to the eyes. Right across, the mountain ranges looms in the horizon.

If you want to experience a Sikkimese village life along with some spectacular views of Mt. Kanchenjunga, then Bermiok Martam is just the place for you. On a clear day, the Kanchenjunga too appears in all its glory at Upper Martam. But this time, we visited Sikkim to enjoy the mountains and rains. The snow-clad ranges would have to wait!

Views from Martam, West Sikkim, weekend destination from Kolkata

Bermiok Martam was once a religious hub for the Limbu community of Sikkim. There is an old temple in the village known as Yuma Samyo Manghim dedicated to the mystic saint Guru Teyongsi Srijunga. It is believed that the Guru used to sit at a huge stone placed at the entrance of the temple and gave sermon to his followers. The stone is still said to be present in front of the temple.

Homestay at Martam – Pradyumna Homestay

Pradyumna Homestay, Bermiok, West Sikkim

The best part of Martam village was definitely the homestay. Situated in the midst of cardamom farms, the place was everything that we could ask for. We could see the emerald green mountains from our room where the white clouds simply rolled over. The green farmlands were below. The views from the room and the verandah were so mesmerising that we could simply spend hours there doing nothing.

Room at Pradyumna Homestay at Bermiok Martam in West Sikkim

The hospitality we received there was totally unmatched. This place was indeed a home away from the home. We were welcomed by Yogesh and Yowan, two brothers from the homestay. It would not be a mistake to say we made friends for a lifetime. It was good to listen to their stories and life in the village. Yowan also treated us to homemade wine in the evening! It was made by him. He even promised us to treat with all the local delicacies the next time we visit there.

Interiors of Pradyumna Homestay at Bermiok Martam in West Sikkim

Things to do at Bermiok Martam, West Sikkim

Martam is a perfect weekend destination from Kolkata where you can simply relax. The village itself is so beautiful that you can spend your time exploring the place. Sikkim is a paradise for birdwatchers and you will find the beautiful Himalayan birds here also.

Enjoy the pristine and unadulterated natural beauty of Martam

Local people of Bermiok Martam working in fields

One of the best things about visiting Sikkim is that we can enjoy the natural beauty of this small state of India. Sikkim is dotted with numerous villages where ecotourism is being developed. You can enjoy the beauty of nature as well as Sikkimese hospitality in all these villages. Bermiok Martam also does not disappoint in this regard.

You can definitely start your day by looking at the gorgeous scenery around you. Once that is done, get out of your homestay and explore the village. Visit the farmlands, flower gardens, animal farms and the local plants. Martam is full of cardamom plantations and they look quite beautiful while exploring.

Enjoy the rustic rural life of Sikkim

View from kitchen at Pradyumna Homestay at Bermiok Martam, West Sikkim

The villagers are quite friendly and helpful. You can get a guide who can take you around the village and get you acquainted with the local life. Also visit the local market to see the social life of the village.

Visit the nearby attraction from Bermiok Martam, West Sikkim

Flowers and orchids of Sikkim

Martam is surrounded by a number of interesting attractions. The most prominent one is the Srijunga Waterfalls located along the banks of ReshiRriver. The Srijunga Waterfalls is an hour trek from Bermiok Bazar. Quite near the waterfall is located the sacred Srijunga cave. Locally the cave is known as Srijunga Phuku.

There is another beautiful waterfall known as the Pheng Doji Falls located at Hee-Gaon in the Hee-Khola area. Near the Hee-Khola (khola means river), there is a garden named Hee Water Garden that has a hude Buddhist Prayer Wheel.

You can also explore the Upper Martam area. There is a cave there and just above the cave is a watchtower that offers magnificent views of Mt. Kanchenjunga. Since it was raining when we were at Martam and the weather was all cloudy, we did not visit Upper Martam area.

View from Upper Martam

You can also select Martam as your base and explore the various places of West Sikkim. Chayataal, another picturesque Sikkimese village is just 8 km from here. Hee-Bermiok, Kaluk, Rinchenpong, Sribadam can all be explored from here.

Local sumo (vehicles) in Sikkim

How to reach Bermiok Martam in West Sikkim?

The nearest airport is the Bagdogra Airport and the nearest Railhead is New Jalpaiguri (NJP). Martam is situated around 105 km from Siliguri.

We took a shared Sumo from SNT Bus Stand at Siliguri to Jorethang. It took us almost 3.5 hours to reach there. From Jorethang, we took another shared sumo towards Bermiok which dropped us at Martam. This one took another 1 hour 45 minutes. Our homestay was about 10 minutes’ walk from the main road.

You can also book a car from NJP or Bagdodra or Siliguri all the way to Bermiok Martam. Ask your homestay to help with the car.

Where to stay at Bermiok Martam?

We had stayed at Pradyumna Homestay (+91 8436259213) in Bermiok Martam. This homestay is a quite beautiful with very hospitable hosts. The rooms are clean and you get great views from the rooms.

The food offered in the homestay is quite simple, yet tasty. Both vegetarian and non-vegetarian fares are available.

Thukpa served at Pradyumna Homestay

What is the best time to visit Bermiok Martam?

This weekend getaway from Kolkata can be visited at any time of the year. And it definitely serves as a perfect summer getaway too. But if you want to see the Kanchenjunga ranges in full glory, visit the place between November to February.

Terraced fields at villages in West Sikkim

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What do you think about this place? do share your thoughts with us.

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