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Deul Eco-Park

Last Updated on: May 9, 2021 

Reunions are always special. Especially when we reunite with our childhood buddies at some beautiful destination. Deul Park Eco Resort is situated beside the beautiful location of Ajay River. The place is away from the city with the thick Garh forest of Durgapur at the backdrop and the Ajay River flowing beside. And the most important of all, beautiful people for company.

After our last reunion at Singee, this time we zeroed on Deul Park Eco Resort. It is situated quite near to Durgapur city. We had to reach Deul after crossing Jaydev Kenduli, the birthplace of the famous Bengali poet Jaydev. Kenduli and Deul are situated on either side of the Ajay River. There is a temporary mud bridge over the river through which you have to cross the Ajay River to go towards Deul Park Eco Resort. This trip was going on to be a trip of reunions. Ajay River holds a special place in both of our hearts. It forms a part of our childhood memories.

Deul Eco Park Bardhaman Weekend Getaway from Kolkata

Deul is a perfect Bengal village. There is a resort inside the eco-park. The Park is beautifully arranged with well-manicured gardens. There is a kid’s section that has toy trains and other games for kids.  There is a lake too where boating can be done. Overall, the place was perfect for a weekend getaway from the city crowd. Deul Park Eco Resort also happens to be a popular picnic spot! And since we were there on the Christmas weekend, the place was abuzz with a lot of crowds.

Deul Eco Park Bardhaman Weekend Getaway from Kolkata

One of the main attractions of Deul is the medieval temple located beside the river. the history of the temple can be dated back to the 16th century. It is believed that Gopraj Ichai Ghosh had built the temple in honour of Goddess Bhagabati. But now, the temple had no idols, but a Shiva linga. The temple has the Deul structure, the architectural form that id typical Odisha style. The temple looked like the one we had seen at Jatar Deul.

Deul Eco Park Bardhaman Weekend Getaway from Kolkata

Deul Eco Park Bardhaman Weekend Getaway from Kolkata

The Reunion

Among all these, the reunion must be mentioned. It was an extremely fun-filled affair. Meeting old friends and cracking the same old jokes never goes out of style. Repeating the anecdotes of childhood is always fun. We were all laughing and enjoying fully without even realizing at the moment that memories are the timeless treasures of the heart! And amidst these, new bonds of friendship were being formed that is to stay forever and new memories made.

Deul Eco Park Bardhaman Weekend Getaway from Kolkata

Why should you visit Deul Park Eco Resort?

Deul Park Eco Resort is a perfect place for a weekend getaway and also day outing in the middle of rural Bengal where nature meets history. You can spend a lovely weekend here and visit Kenduli. There is a terracotta temple at Kenduli as well. The temple has lovely designs, but much of it now has been plastered. The Kenduli Mela (fair) is also held at Kenduli during the winter months (in January) when thousands of Bauls flock at Kenduli.

You can also visit Shantiniketan and Bolpur from here.

Deul Eco Park Bardhaman Weekend Getaway from Kolkata 10

Best Time to Visit Deul Park Eco Resort

You can visit at any time of the year. But the summers should be best avoided.

How to reach Deul Park Eco Resort?

The place is about 170 km from Kolkata. If you are coming by your own car, then take Durgapur expressway to reach Burddhaman, pass through Panagarh, after crossing Panagarh you will reach Darjeeling More. Take a right turn from Darjeeling More and drive towards 11 Mile and then take left from 11 mile to reach the Resort.

There are a number of local tolls before you enter Deul Park Eco Resort. There is one when you cross the Ajay River and 2 more after you cross to the other side.

Deul Eco Park Bardhaman Weekend Getaway from Kolkata
Deul Eco Park Bardhaman Weekend Getaway from Kolkata Kenduli
Temple at Jaydev-Kenduli
Jaydev Kenduli
Temple at Jaydev Kenduli
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