Breakfast at Glenary’s Bakery, Darjeeling

Breakfast at Glenary’s Bakery, Darjeeling

Glenary’s  is one of the finest eateries of Darjeeling. We never fail to visit this place whenever we are at Darjeeling. be it cakes or muffins, or the chocolates, Glenary’s never fail to make me happy. Located at a stone’s throw distance from the Mall on the Nehru Road, the Glenary’s is a prominent landmark of Darjeeling. It exists since the colonial days, may be catering to the breakfast needs of the British. And now it is serving the tourists and travellers of Darjeeling!


The open terrace at Glenary’s

The Past – Glenary’s Bakery

The bakery and restaurant were originally named Vado after its Italian owner and later Pliva. After the independence, it was bought by a Patna-based family . In 1959 the Late A. T. Edwards, a Darjeeling local working there since 1945, was offered the role of manager. His family later bought the property. The family decided to renovate the place and start the restaurant in a new manner.  The task was definitely not easy, but the Edwards never gave up. He changed the name to Glenary’s but kept the spirit of the place the same. In fact, the family still has the list of the first day’s sale which amounted to Rs.396.00!


Reminiscence of the past at Glenary’s

The Present

The Glenary’s is a two-storeyed building with the multi cuisine restaurant at the top floor. The bakery and café are on the ground floor and in the basement is the Buzz Bar which is a modern pub.


Way to the restaurant and the Buzz Bar

As you enter the bakery on the ground floor, you will simply be transported to a different era. And the smell of the freshly baked cakes and muffins will play with your olfactory senses. There are seating arrangements on one side and an open terrace from where you can see the Darjeeling city. It is a very quaint and lovely place to have your breakfast.


Inside of Glenary’s

On the left and in front of the bakery counter is a nice lounge with sofas. The best thing about the bakery is a red telephone booth reminiscing of the earlier days. Glenary’s Bakery & Cafe is well-known for the breakfast it serves. During breakfast, you get items like sandwiches, burgers, rolls, pies, pizzas, pastries, cakes and many other items including fresh bread and loaves.  And of course, there are the famous Darjeeling tea and coffee. The bakery still uses its old recipes to tempt Darjeeling with its pastries, tarts, chocolates and marzipans.


Breakfast at Glenary’s


Serving authentic Darjeeling Tea


Hot dogs anyone?

Just near the red telephone booth, there is a red carpeted stairway leading to the restaurant. The restaurant has the original fireplace, French windows and carved columns. Added attractions were evening dances with live bands. It is a multi cuisine restaurant serving delicious food.


A vintage typewriter at the Glenary’s

The bakery of Glenary’s is so famous that well-known hotels of Darjeeling serve cakes, pastries and bread from Glenary’s to their customers.


The Bakery

For us, Glenary’s is an experience just like the Keventer’s. We never miss having chocolates from Glenary’s. For all the Darjeeling travellers, a visit to the Glenary’s is a must. Glenary’s attract a lot of customers and you might as well make some friends while having your breakfast!


Experience the Glenary’s

Open Hours

Glenary’s Bakery, Cake Shop & Cafe: 7am – 8:30pm

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