Now that you have planned your Andaman holiday trip, you will have Havelock Island in your must visit list. However short may your holiday be, Havelock should definitely be on the bucket list. So Tale of 2 Backpackers presents a handy Havelock Island Travel guide for planning your stay at the beautiful Havelock.

Havelock Travel Guide

A lighthouse

Out of the 572 islands in the Andaman and Nicobar Archipelago, only a handful is inhabited. Havelock Island is the part of the Ritchie’s Archipelago in Greater Andaman and is the most tourist friendly. It has the most picturesque beaches, rich coral reefs, mangrove forests and eclectic water sports.

How to reach Havelock Island:

To reach Havelock, the first thing you have to do is to get into Port Blair. You can reach Port Blair either through the air or by ship. Considering the time it takes, flights are the best option to get into Port Blair. From Port Blair, you have to take a ferry to reach Havelock Island. You can get you ferry tickets from the Phoenix Jetty. There are Government ferries as well some private ones, Marcuzz being the most reputed. You can book tickets for the Marcuzz online. For the government ferries, you have to visit the Jetty 3 hours before to book tickets.

Havelock Island

Entry to Havelock

Havelock Island and the Beaches:

Here the beaches have numbers. Beach No. 1 is the beach where you will arrive. It is adjacent to the jetty and so a crowded. There is a market adjacent to the beach. In front of the market, there is a counter for the ferry to trip to the Elephant Island.

Beach No 2 is in a secluded place. It is mainly used for the diving schools to conduct their diving courses and is used as diving sites for the resorts and the diving schools. It is on the opposite side of the Helipad road and a narrow path surrounded by coconut trees leads to the beach.

Andaman Travel Guide

Resting at Radhanagar Beach

The most famous beach of Havelock is Beach No. 7 or the Radhanagar Beach. Adjectives fall less to describe the beauty of the Radhanagar Beach. With the waves falling on stretches of white sand, the place is simply breathtaking. Having traveled across various beaches in India, Radhanagar Beach is a complete surprise. There is not a speck of dirt on the beach. Only clear blue waters along the white sands and the green trees adjacent to the beach, time will just pass by watching the waves. And the view of the sunset from the beach is one of the most gorgeous. Don’t believe my words; see the pictures!

Havelock Island

The pristine Radhanagar Beach

Havelock Island

Sunset at Havelock Island

There is a Public bus from the main Jetty to reach Havelock. Or else, you can also hire an auto rickshaw.

Water sports are not allowed at Radhanagar Beach.

Vijaynagar Beach is another beautiful beach near the Vijayanagar village and is lined by Mahua and coconut trees. You can take long walks along the beach.

Havelock Island

Vijaynagar Beach

The next one is the Kalapatthar Beach. It is 3 km from the Vijaynagar Beach. There are rock formations along the beach, but the beauty of this beach is also unparalleled. You will find very few people at the beach.

Havelock Island

Kalapaththar Beach

Elephant Beach is another beautiful and popular beach of Havelock Island. Speedboats are available near from Jetty near Beach No. 1 for Elephant Island. You can also reach there by trekking! There is a 2 km well-marked trek route from Radhanagar through the jungles to the Elephant Beach. The Elephant Beach is virgin and simply beautiful with the trees at the backdrop. It is also a famous spot for water activities. It has very beautiful coral reefs and snorkeling, scuba diving, and sea walking are done here.

Andaman Travel Guide

Elephant Beach from Havelock

Places to stay at Havelock:

There are many good resorts at Havelock near the beaches. If you are going for a package trip, do ask your travel agent about your staying option. A bad hotel can ruin your experience. Some of the options are Happy Resort, Sea Shells, Eco Villa, Holiday-Inn Beach resort, Pristine Beach resort, El Dorado, The Wild Orchid, The Silver Sand and many others.

Havelock Travel Guide

Resorts at Havelock

And Something Else:

It is better to hire a bike or Scooty for your stay in Andaman. You can roam about at your will and explore Havelock.

Definitely, try Scuba Diving at Havelock. It has one of the best coral reefs. During your Andaman tour, your hotel or agent may suggest you go for scuba diving at North Bay Island. But believe me, it is much better here.

You can also go for fishing. There is an organization that offers all kinds of fishing boats and equipment.

Avoid diving or swimming amongst a school of fish. This may attract predatory fishes such as sharks. If you have an open wound, please avoid swimming. Much predatory fish are attracted to blood odour.

Visit the Radhanagar beach early in the morning. At that time, not many people visit the beach. You will see the pristine beach in all its beauty.

Havelock Island

Beauty of the Radhanagar Beach

You can read about our Andaman Travel guide here. Please contact us if you have any query. We will be happy to help.

Havelock Island

Watching the sunrise at Kalapaththar Beach