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Delhi Airport is perhaps the busiest one in the country. Being the capital of the country, Delhi is also the entry point of most of the foreign travellers in India as well as for Indian travellers both for business and leisure. Infact, this year the airport has crossed the 50 million-passenger mark in a year! Total traffic in the year 2016-17 was 57.7 million. So with such a number, Delhi airport has entered the league of world’s 25 busiest airports.

Delhi Airport

Courtesy: Wikimedia

Know the Name of the Airport and the Terminals:

Officially Delhi international airport is named as Indira Gandhi International Airport. The airport has three operating terminals now.

Terminal 1:

Terminal 1 consists of Terminal 1C and 1D and is generally used for domestic flights of low-cost airlines like Indigo, Spicejet and Go Air. Though low cost, these airlines are one of the major domestic carries across the country. Infact, last time I had booked with Spicejet and had a pleasant experience during the flight.

Terminal 3:

Terminal 3 is the swankiest one and is used for both domestic and international flights. The terminal is used for flights of Air India, Alliance Air, Jet Airways, Vistara, Air Asia and all international airlines.

Terminal 2:

The recent addition is Terminal 2 that had been underutilized since long. The terminal has been revamped and refurbished and the airlines operating from Terminal 1 are to shift a third of their operation to the new upgraded T2.

Delhi Airport

Courtesy: Wikimedia

Things to do at the Delhi airport during layover:

That is all about the technical details. If you are having a layover at the Delhi airport or stuck at the airport, you can definitely spend your time doing these.

Shop at you favourite brands:

If you love shopping, then Delhi Airport will definitely not be boring for you. for all the shopaholics there are brands like FabIndia, Marks and Spencers, Satya Paul, UCB, Gini and Jony, Tommy Hilfiger and much more.

For the bookworms, WH Smith is located at T3 domestic and International (both arrival and departure). Relay is located at T1. All these have a fabulous collection of books that nearly made me splurge on them while I was returning from Delhi.

Finish your pending work:

If you are travelling for business, then while waiting for your flight, you can utilize this time to complete your pending work. Wi-Fi is easily available at the airport. You just have to register with your mobile number.

Eat to your heart’s content:

There are a number of options at the Delhi Airport to tend to your taste buds. Starting from cafes to fine dine restaurants, the airport has all the options. There is also a Food Court that caters to a lot of food choices.

Delhi Airport

Courtesy: Pixabay

Head towards the SPA for a relaxing time:

If you want to relax and get your vital energies restored, then head to the Heaven on earth Spa at T1D or the O2 Spa at the T3 Domestic departure.

Get some sleep in the sleeping pod:

Sam’s Snooze at My Space at the Delhi Airport has added a new dimension to lounge facilities. It has introduced sleeping pods and pay-per-use lounges for the passengers on an hourly basis. So if you have an early morning departure or late arrivals then you know where to head. The sleeping pod is located at the T3area of the airport.

Head to the Lounges:

The Delhi Airport has 5 lounges that offer comfort, convenience and service to its guests.

Delhi Airport

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Connectivity to the Delhi Airport:

Delhi Metro:

The Airport express line of Delhi Metro is one of the cheapest and fastest way to reach the airport. Beginning at Dwarka sector 21 and travelling right up to the New Delhi Railway Station, this “Orange Line” is operated by Delhi Metro.

Bus Service:

Buses are quite common and another cheap mode of transport to reach the airport.  Regular bus services are available from inter-state bus terminals from the city.


You can always get a cab to move to and fro from the airport. Delhi International Airport has a relationship with three Cab operators – Meru Cabs and Mega Cabs located at T3 International Airport arrivals (both International & Domestic Terminals) and Easy Cabs at the Domestic Arrival Terminal. Otherwise, you can always book an Ola or Uber.

Delhi Airport

Courtesy: Flickr

How to travel in between the Terminals at the Delhi Airport?

There are Inter terminal transfer coaches that connect passengers between Terminal 3 and Terminal 1D. An Inter Terminal Transfer Helpdesk is located outside the arrival terminals for assistance.

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