Planning a Staycation for Mother’s Day? Don’t forget to add these things to wow her!

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Last Updated on: Nov 14, 2023 

Are you scrambling for ideas that are sure to make mom feel special this Mother’s Day? Get ready to be the best child (friend, husband, brother, or sister) ever by organizing an unforgettable staycation for mom. Read on for five things you shouldn’t forget to add if you want to wow her unforgettably.

1. Pamper Mom with Guilt-free Relaxation: Think Spa Day or Massage

Considering how hard motherhood can get over the years, very few gifts can be more relaxing than a pampering massage or spa experience. If you have the budget, spoil your mother rotten by taking her on a pampering journey Royalty style. Make sure that chair massage and facial spa treatments are included in the itinerary!

And if the funds are tight, opt for an at-home experience by treating Mom to some luxurious bath goodies – like body scrubs, bubble baths, and face masks – sprinkled throughout her staycation “getaway”! Take it a notch higher by including some scented candles for an added touch of aromatherapy.

2. Plan an Outdoor Adventure, Like an Afternoon of Kayaking or a Morning of Biking 

Outdoor activities are always a great way to show your mother some love! Try suggesting something like kayaking on the lake in town or biking through nearby trails and take it from there. Or if river rafting is your mom’s dream, why not make her dreams come true and plan for a rapids adventure instead?

Find out about local sites offering exciting water sports packages, such as resorts and parks with waterslides that suit the fitness levels of different family members—no one has to be left behind! 


If a full-on adventure is too challenging for her yet she still loves the outdoors, glamping at a nearby park or even in the backyard may be your best bet!

3. Cook Something Special for the Queen

You don’t have to be a master chef in order to surprise your mom with some finger-licking culinary goodness! Invite her into your kitchen and whip up something that she’d truly love or even create homemade versions of classic recipes.

You can also find fun baking activities online which you can do together throughout the day to make it more fun and memorable. For instance, trying out artisanal bread or making giant cookies can make for exciting conversations between mother and child during mealtime!

Organizing workshops from local cooks such as patisserie classes may be another great way to spend quality time if the budget permits.

4. Surprise Your Mom with a Bouquet of Dazzling Blooms 

If you want to make her staycation truly ecstatic and special, don’t forget to get and send a lovely bunch of flowers for your mom this Mother’s Day. And depending on whether you want it to be a surprise, or would like her to join in the fun by picking out her own bouquet— there are online and local florists that deliver beautiful fresh bouquets all year round.


To make this small, yet meaningful gesture even more thoughtful, you can add some sensational goodies into the gift box, such as chocolates, plush toys, and balloons; or simply write down your heartfelt messages inside when ordering! It doesn’t take much effort to make Mother’s Day bloom with colors that speak nothing but love!

5. Movie Marathon at Home 

When was the last time you watched a movie together with the special mom in your life? Whether it’s your own mom, the mother of your kids, or simply a relative, a movie night makes for a perfect staycation ingredient. It can be a great way to spend quality time together and strengthen your bond as you reminisce on the fun past.

To spice things up this Mother’s Day with a movie marathon, let her pick out her favorite classic flicks, then get comfortable and relax in front of the TV for an uninterrupted night full of laughter and great memories. Don’t forget to pour some snacks, such as the classic bowl of popcorn to keep you two energized as your eyes stay glued on the screen till the wee hours of the night.

Depending on her tastes, your preferences, and how close you are to the mom in question, make sure to have several genre options, from romantic adventure comedies to drama series, and action-packed epics!

Indeed, a staycation can be a great way to express love and celebrate the mom in your life on Mother’s Day. The above are just a few of the many things you can do to wow her and turn the momentous day into an unforgettable experience.

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