The grand white structure is standing with all its élan and the mighty river flowing beside it. My journey for the day ends today here. I look at the river passing by taking with itself all the filth and dirt of the city, and so my heart is also cleansed of all the doubts and negativities.   Princep Ghat always has this assuring effect on me. After monuments and graveyards, the third post in our Kolkata series is about the Princep Ghat.

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Princep Ghat – Beneath the Hooghly Bridge

This monument was built in the year 1843 and is named after James Prinsep, an extraordinarily brilliant researcher and architect, who also served as the honorable Secretary of the Asiatic Society. It was designed by W. Fitzgerald. The monument was restored by the city;s Public Works department in 2001 and is well maintained since. The Vidyadsagar Setu above it adds to its charm all the more.

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Connecting Kolkata – Hooghly Bridge

Bengalis and Kolkatans are by nature romantic. They love to recite Tagore whenever got chance. The Princep Ghat is one of the most romantic places in Kolkata. It is a perfect place for meet up with friends, a great hangout place where you can gossip and chat over phuchkas and bhelpuris. It is a perfect place for catching up with your old friends.

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Architectural delight

 There is a railway station named Princep Ghat. It is a part of the Circular railway track of Kolkata. A journey through this railway track will take you through very beautiful landscapes and is highly recommended. Take a train from Princep Ghat to Bagbazar. You will travel beside the Hooghly river and below the Howrah Bridge. From Bagbazar, you can return back to Baboo ghat by return launch.

Princep Ghat – The heart beat of Kolkata

As you cross the railway track, you see the serene river welcoming you. You can sit at the ghat and enjoy some tranquil moments. Watching the sunset is an added bonus. A boat ride in the river is  also a wonderful experience. With The Howrah Bridge and the Vidyasagar Setu at the backdrop, boat ride through the Hooghly river will definitely leave you wanting for more! Boat rides can be takes from the ghat for Rs.300/- for half an hour. It is surely an experience which must be indulged in.

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Rowing the boat…

The Princep Ghat remains one of my favourite places in Kolkata. It is a splendid place to relax and reminisce. An ideal place to consider the future and renew the vows of life… What is your opinion about Princep Ghat?  Do let us know.

©Tale of 2 Backpackers

Beckoning you to take a boat ride…