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There is something so tranquil about Rangaroon that you are bound to forget everything and get immersed in the beauty of this little village. And the best part of this hamlet is that you can see both Darjeeling city and the Kanchenjungha range in the same frame! See the pictures if you don’t believe me.


Darjeeling and Kanchenjunga together

Rangaroon is situated just at the foothills of the famed Tiger hill from where you can see the gorgeous sunrise. Naturally, there is a trek route to the Tiger Hill. Rangaroon is situated at a height of about 6000 ft and the weather makes the place a perfect haven for tea gardens. Rangaroon has some of the best tea gardens in the region covering around 90 hectares.


Tea gardens

The name “Rangaroon” has its origin in the Lepcha language and means ‘turning of the river’. Infact, it is in this valley that the River Rungdong takes a turn.


Look at the meandering river

Just like all the tea gardens of Darjeeling, the tea estates of Rangaroon were built during the time of the British. The Rangaroon Tea Estate was established by Lord Adain Ashley, the Governor of Bengal in 1776. The British colonists were greatly fond of Rangaroon tea and they experimented with the varieties of tea grown and brewed here and thus producing better qualities. There is a deserted tea factory in the village with large pieces of equipment. The Ambootia Group currently owns the factory and they also own the tea gardens in this area. The factory has been closed down due to the larger cost of production. The tea processing has been shifted to other factories near Darjeeling.


The old tea factory


The old machineries at the abandoned factory

The village is a delight to the senses. The place is not only beautiful but also extremely clean. The villagers are serious about cleanliness and are quite aware of organic farming. We took long walks around the village among the tea gardens.


Walk along the tea gardens

Rangaroon had only one homestay when we visited while some were under construction. The house has been converted into a beautiful homestay. The family is so hospitable and friendly that you will just feel that you know them from long.


Homestay at Rangaroon

The experience of this offbeat destination has been a fantastic one and we would definitely recommend this place to all who are in search of a weekend destination from Kolkata.


The beautiful village


At the Homestay

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Some facts about Rangaroon, weekend destination from Kolkata:

How to Reach Rangaroon:

It is about 16 km from Darjeeling town. From Siliguri, drive till Jorebungalow (60 Km from Siliguri) and then take a turn to reach the 3rd mile. From 3rd mile, there is a route downhill to Rangaroon. Rangaroon is about 8 km from Jorebungalow.

Best time to visit Rangaroon:

Any time is the best time for this picturesque village. During winters you will be treated with the best views of the mountain ranges. But winters will be quite cold. Monsoons will bring the best in the tea gardens. The rains make the gardens greener and more luscious than ever.

Things to Do:

You can enjoy the nature at her best here. Take a walk in the tea gardens and visit the 18th century old tea factory.

There is the Old Bungalow at Rangaroon built by a German Frederic Von Frostmann between 1860-1870. You can see the colonial heritage structure here including some old paintings and antique furniture.

Mata Singha temple is quite an important place in the village. During Baisakhi Purnima, the villagers, as well as people from nearby villages, come to this temple to offer prayers. The temple is a short uphill hike from the homestay.

You can trek down 4 km to the river bed from the homestay. The place is beautiful and ideal for a late afternoon picnic.

Bird watching is also an activity that can be done here. With varieties of Himalayan birds, Rangaroon will attract the bird watchers.


View of Darjeeling City

So if you are looking for some offbeat weekend destinations from Kolkata, try Rangaroon. Feel free to contact us to know more.

Rangaroon Weekend Getaway from Kolkata



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  1. How to reach this place? accommodation and contact number of the homestay owner?.

    • It is about 16 km from Darjeeling town. From Siliguri, drive till Jorebungalow (60 Km from Siliguri) and then take a turn to reach the 3rd mile. From 3rd mile, there is a route downhill to Rangaroon. Rangaroon is about 8 km from Jorebungalow.

  2. Hi
    I wanted to know is there any shared vehicle available from Jorbunglow toand from Rangaroon??? Or shared vehicle from NJP to and from Rangaroon??

  3. Please let me know the maximum number of accommodation and contact number of the homestay owner.

    • Hi Abhijit, please send us a mail with your questions and requirements. Thank you.

  4. This is such hidden gem and a paradise! We missed on this when we visited Darjeeling last min, hopefully we will get to visit this place some day…:)

    • Come to Darjeeling again, we all can visit these beautiful little places..

      • Hi pls send your email contact details. How to reach rangaroon and book room

  5. You know, Kanchenjunga has been a dream always… Wonder when I will be able to visit…

    • Kanchanjunga is a actually a dream itself. Come soon, we will be happy to show you around.. 🙂


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