Rongo, a small picturesque mountain village in the Dooars region of West Bengal is a perfect place to recline and relax. Situated on top of a mountain, It is a small picturesque village with very hospitable locals. It serves as the head quarter of Cinchona plantation in the Kalimpong subdivision. It is a significant place for plantation and growing of medicinal plants.

Rongo, Dooars

The enchanting Rongo

Rongo can be reached after crossing Chalsa and then turning left at Khunia More after Chapramari, Sechu and Gairibas. From Gairibas, an uneven uphill motorable road of abpout 7 km will take you to your destination. But mind it; the ride can be a bumpy one because of the road conditions.

Rongo, Dooars

View of the Jaldhaka Valley from Rongo

Rongo has all the charm of a small mountain hamlet. It has a small post office with a small local market and a few houses in the locality. The houses are all very pretty with quaint doors and windows. Every house has a garden with them with blooming flowers. This gave a colourful and gay look the village. The villagers are also like as beautiful as the village itself. They are ever smiling and always helpful.

Rongo, Dooars

Playful kids

Rongo is very near to the border of Bhutan and it offers a magnificent view of the surrounding green mountains and the dense forest. The valley of Jaldhaka can also be seen from here.

Rongo, Dooars

Jaldhaka river

Staying a couple of days here can be very refreshing. There is a monastery about 1.5 km from the main market. You can trek up to the Rongo monastery and have a wonderful view of the valley below.

Rongo, Dooars

Butter lamps at the Monastery

Secondly, you can also explore the forests a bit. There is  a path among the forests which leads to a small waterfall from where the villagers get their supply of water. A hike of 15 to 20 minutes through the forest path and you can hear the gurgling sound of the waterfall.

Rongo, Dooars

The waterfall

Also you might end up meeting a few villagers on their collecting wood and leaf in the forest.

Rongo, Dooars

The friendly resident of the village

There is a single homestay at Rongo – the Soreng Heaven. The rooms at Soreng’s are quite comfortable to make your stay memorable. There is a hall from where you can see the hills of Bhutan. During the evening, lights glowing on the mountains provide a wonderful sight.

Rongo, Dooars

Soreng’s Heaven

Rongo is not yet a prominent place on the tourist map of North Bengal. But with its natural beauty and the friendly villagers, the travel enthusiasts are gradually recognizing it. So if you want a peaceful and relaxing stay away from the hustle and stress of the city, you can choose it as your next destination.

Rongo, Dooars

View of the village from the Monastery

Some facts:

Rongo is at a height of 2000 m above sea level. It is a perfect summer destination for all those travel enthusiast who want to explore some new places.

How to Reach:

Rongo can be reached from Siliguri or Bagdogra by car. It is about 95 km from Siliguri and the nearest Railway station is New Mal Junction which is about 40 Km away and will take about 2 hours to reach Rongo. The car journey will provide you with some of the best views of the green forests, tea gardens and medicinal plantations.

Take the road towards Chalsa. After crossing Gairibas on the way to Jhalong, there is a way uphill towards Rongo.

Rongo, Dooars

Next weekend, you can be at Rongo

Places to stay:

Stay at Soreng Heaven house. It has a total of 8 rooms. The stay and food at the Soreng’s is quite comfortable. Contact us for details.

Things to do:

Tour to Rongo can be coupled with the tour to Jhalong and Bindu. Bindu is the last point in India on the Jaldhaka Hydel power project. It lies on the Indo-Bhutan Border.

Rongo is also surrounded by the Neora Valley National Park and has very rich flora and fauna. While at Rongo, you can explore the cinchona plantation and the organic Kumai tea garden.

You can also take a short trek to the Rongo Monastery which is situated about 1.5 km from the main area.

Rongo, Dooars

Blooming flowers

Rongo, Dooars

Dense forest

Rongo, Dooars

Rich Flora and fauna