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Lucknow, the capital city of Uttar Pradesh is the potpourri of art, culture, cuisine, dance and hospitality. Not any city of Northern India can boast of best of all these things. It has always been a centre of art and culture. It was not only important historically, but had been the heart of North Indian culture. So when you are visiting this gorgeous city, we present a list of must do things.

Things to do in Lucknow at a glance – Infographic

Things to do in Lucknow

#1. Visit the Imambaras

The Imambaras of Lucknow- the Bara Imambara and the Chhota Imambara or Hussainabad Imambara are the most impressive structures of Lucknow. The Imambaras are striking in structure and grandeur. Apart of the Imambaras, the Rumi Darwaza and the clock tower will also amaze you. other places of interest are Chhattar Manzil, Lucknow Zoo and the LA Martinere College.

Bara Imambara

#2. Try to find your way through the Bhul Bhulaiya

The Bhul Bhulaiya or the Labyrinth is a part of the Bara Imambara. Many stories have been written about this place. It would be quite interesting to find your way through the mazes of the Bhul Bhulayia! Nevertheless, guides are always available for a tour of the Imambara along with the Bhul Bhulaiya.

Places to visit in Lucknow

#3. Experience the first war of independence at Residency

Lucknow had been the administrative capital of the East India Company after the fall of the Awadh rulers. Naturally, Lucknow occupied a prominent position in the political scenario. The 1857 revolt had started from Lucknow. The Residency which had the major offices and homes of the East Indian company officers bears the mark of the revolt. You can see the mark of cannon balls at the walls of the Residency. This place is surely going to transport you to the past times.

Lucknow Travel

#4. Reminisce the past on a Tonga ride

Been to Lucknow and not taking a ride at the Tonga is a sin. The tonga rides at Lucknow are extremely cheap. At Rs.10, you can get a ride from Bara Imambara to the Hussainabad Imambara.

Lucknow travel guide

#5. Shop “Chikan” till you drop at Aminabad

Lucknow is famous for its textiles, perfumes and handicrafts, the most famous being the Chikan. It has the most exemplary chikan shops. So while shopping, don’t forget to buy a few chikans. Aminabad will give you the best bargain. Hazratganj on the other hand is a bit more costly. There is also a Chikan Factory here where you can get a huge collection. but, don’t forget to bargain hard while you shop. Other places to shop are Yahiaaganj, Kapoorthala, Janpath and Bhootnath.


#6. Satisfy your taste buds at Tunday Kabab

This 100 year old restaurant is one of the best places to gorge on Kababs at Lucknow. The Galawti kabab is their specialty. The Kabab just melts in your mouth. Have them with Parathas. It is going to make your day.  Tunday Kabab have a outlet at Aminabad.


#7. The Biriyani experience at Idrish

Idrish has the tastiest Biriyani of Lucknow. If you want to have the best of Awadhi cuisine, a visit to Idrish is must. Idrish is located at the Chowk.


#8. Regal beauty of Hazratganj

Hazratganj is the posh locality of Lucknow. The place has a regal feel to it with wide roads and clean buildings. The thing which stands out at Hazratganj is that all the hoardings and the signboards are black and white in colour giving the place a uniform look.


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