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When it comes to Thailand, we are instantly reminded of the azure seas, breathtaking islands, shacks and beaches and unlimited fun. For most of us, Thailand is a place for partying our hearts out and splurging in shopping. Bangkok, Phuket and Pattaya turn out to be the most visited destinations in Thailand for exactly these reasons. But in between all these cacophony and touristy places, lies a relaxed and friendly Thailand. And that is what makes this country so beautiful. There are a number of unique places to visit in Thailand that provides immersive experiences beyond the usual. These lesser known places are perfect for travellers who want beyond the parties and sun, seeking immersive experiences.

As travellers, we both love to visit off the beaten tracks, not just visit and see different places, but also connect with the people. In that way, our first visit to Thailand was just perfect, more than we anticipated. We explored a few hidden gems in the eastern part of the country on this trip. We were invited by the Tourism Authority of Thailand along with a few other awesome people to visit Chanthaburi and Trat district. I would not blabber much, and share with you about our experience at “The Legend of Eastern Gems”.

Koh Mak - one of the best beaches in Thailand

Unique Places in Thailand – the eastern gems


This riverside town was our first introduction to Thailand after we landed at the Suvarnabhumi Airport at Bangkok. The place is not as crowded as the other attractions of Thailand and we also found fewer tourists there. Nevertheless the quaint town immediately captured my heart.

Chanthabun Waterfront Community (Old Town Area)

Chanthaburi is actually an eclectic mix of culture and interesting landscape. The Chanthabun Waterfront area or the old town is a beautiful place. The old buildings have been wonderfully restored. One look at the place and you can clearly understand how historically and culturally rich the place is. Distinct Chinese, French and Vietnamese influence is seen in the architecture of the buildings as well as in the life of the people. It is easy to roam around the old town without a map and discover its delights. It feels lovely to walk around the cobbled roads, look at the small stores set up on the roadside. These stalls are the best places to enjoy the local delicacies of the place.

Chanthaburi Old Town area - unique places to visit in Thailand

Chanthaburi historic waterfront

The Cathedral of Immaculate Conception

The Cathedral of Immaculate Conception is located near the waterfront and is one of the biggest church in Thailand. This is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful cathedrals I have seen and reminded me of the cathedral at Yangon. The cathedral is almost 300 years old lying on the east bank of the Chanthaburi river. A footbridge separates the cathedral from the town’s historic Waterfront. The cathedral was first built in 1711 as a chapel and was later reconstructed three times till date. Today the cathedral stands as an imposing Gothic style building in front of the footbridge.

Cathedral of Immaculate Conception at Chanthaburi - offbeat places to visit in Thailand

Interior of the Cathedral of Immaculate Conception at Chanthaburi

The interior of the cathedral is quite beautiful having elaborate stained glasses. Inside the church is the statue of the Virgin Mary along with Saints Anne and Joachim, the parents of the Virgin Mary. One of the major attractions of this cathedral is the statue of the Virgin Mary standing on a golden dais in front of the altar. Chanthaburi is known for its gemstones and gems trade. The statue of Virgin Mary is said to be studded with more than 200000 glittering semi-precious stones. The blue coloured cloak is made up of thousands of blue sapphires from the Chanthaburi and Kanchanburi areas, while the rest of the statue is decorated with white sapphires, Thai rubies, and hundreds of yellow and orange sapphires from Chanthaburi and other countries. It is such a beautiful piece of art and we could not but stand there and admire the beauty of the statue.

The statue of Virgin Mary at Cathedral of Immaculate Conception, Chanthaburi is said to be studded with more than 200000 glittering semi-precious stones.

stained glasses in the interior of the cathedral of immaculate conception at Chanthaburi

Chanthaburi gemstone market

Chanthaburi is well known for its gemstone market. Trat along with Chanthaburi is a major source of gemstones. Infact, after the military rule took over in Burma in 1962 and the world’s ruby supply was effectively cut off, Chanthabury gradually became a major supplier of the gemstones. Very soon, Chanthaburi along with Trat province came to be known as Ruby Capital of the World, known for its exceptional Siamese rubies.

Today, the mines are depleted and mining is now done on a much smaller scale. But Chanthaburi had emerged as a major gem centre. It has some of the best and skilled cutters along with the best techniques for heating and treatment of gems. Chanthaburi is now known as the city of gems. It is said that most of the gemstones of the world pass through the City of Gems, at least once in their travels!

We visited the Chanthaburi Gen and Jewellery Manufacturer’s Association which had a museum that showed us the history of mining of gemstones in Chanthaburi and the present scenario of the gemstone industry. It is estimated that the gems and jewellery industry accounts for Thailand’s third largest export sector. There is also a gem museum, gem exhibition hall and a demonstration centre. There is a shopping area too, where the gems and jewellery are sold. Once you are here, I am sure that you will be dazzled to see the beautiful gem-studded jewellery and the gemstones. I was totally awed seeing them. Yes, they were great to look at and admire, but they were definitely not on my buying list. I might as well spend the money on another trip!

artifacts made of semiprecious stones at Chanthaburi

Bo Ploy Lek Petch Community Learning Centre

This is an interesting place. The place is located in the area of the gemstone source. So this centre is opened for tourists to learn about gemstone mining and other things related to it. “Bo” actually means holes, and here you can actually see how these people mine the gemstones from these holes. There are holes of various depth dug, and the Bo Ploy Lek Petch Community centre demonstrates how they do the gemstone mining. If you so wish, you can also go deep down into the holes and try to get some gemstones yourself!

Gemstones mined at Trat

After seeing the mining activity, we visited the fruit garden. Chanthaburi is known for its fruits. The place is famous for durian, the king of fruits and mangosteen, the queen of fruits. Trees abundant were found at the orchard. Durian, mangosteen, rambutan, langsat, sala (snake fruit) and so many more whose name I do not know were found at the fruit garden. We literally had a fruit party and enjoyed tasting the different fruits there.

Well, I tasted durian for the first time. Well, I had heard not many good things about durian before. I had heard about its incredibly bad smell. So I was a bit apprehensive to taste durian. But contrary to what I had heard before, durian tasted quite good and did not have an obnoxious smell. May be since these fruits are grown organically without the usage of any chemicals, they tasted better! This is just my speculation; I have no proof of this theory of mine.

Durian and other fruits at Chanthaburi

Travelling to Trat

Between the Chanthaburi province and the Cambodian border lies Trat, a sleepy frontier town surrounded by fertile forests and mountains and also the home of the famous Siamese rubies. The sea here is dotted with a number of tropical islands, 52 exactly and so the place is known as half an island city. Thailand’s third largest island Koh Chang is located at Trat along with Ko Mak, Ko Kradat, Ko rang and several other picturesque islands.

So on the second day of our trip, we took the motorboat ride to one of those 52 islands, Ko Mak. This one-hour journey in the speed boat moving through the azure blue sea was pretty exciting. It reminded me of our trip to Andamans.

offbeat beaches in Thailand - unique places to visit in Thailand

Towards Koh Mak, an offbeat destination in Thailand

Koh Mak is a paradise. One look at the place and I fell in love with it. This spectacular paradise island spanning an area of little more than 16 sq kilometres is also known as the coconut island. The island has beautiful virgin beaches and tropical vegetation but is not much known to international tourists. This is what makes this place more appealing as it is yet untouched by mass tourism like that in Phuket or Pattaya.

Well, the inhabitants of the island have taken a special effort to make Koh Mak a low carbon zone and a self-sufficient economy. The community is greatly aware of the importance of sustainable tourism and the preservation of nature. The locals had come together and created certain regulations that need to be followed by all the inhabitants of the island, business owners as well as the tourists. The “8 rules of Koh Mak” are the set of rules that these people follow religiously towards making “Koh Mak Low Carbon Destination”. It was really so heartening to see the locals work towards making the island sustainable as they respect and preserve nature. The best part is that they do not change the rules for the visitors as well.

Koh Mak is a low carbon and unique place to visit in Thailand

Beach at Koh Mak-Thailand

The Koh Mak Museum

The Koh Mak Museum is located in the southern part of the island. The white coloured house is actually owned by Sutthithankul family and they have converted their house into a museum. The museum has images, pictures and many old artefacts that tell the story of past and present of Koh Mak island.

Later in the day, we went for a sightseeing tour at Koh Mak. True to its low carbon initiative, we used bicycles to go around the island to see the various attractions. The island is a beautiful one and cycling through the island itself is a lovely experience. But the day was warm, and it was quite hard to cycle at such a warm temperature.

The cycling team had a break at the organic garden where we saw papaya, passion fruit, mango and other fruit trees. Honey is also one of the product that they cultivate at Koh Mak and the locals showed us how they rear the bees and extract honey from them.

The last stop was at the Cocoscape Bridge. It is a beautiful place having a long wooden bridge from where we watched the beautiful sunset. The calm blue water, clear sands and the setting sun were all just perfect end for a perfect day at Koh Mak.

Sunset at Cocoscape Bridge at Koh Mak - Thailand - offbeat places to visit in Thailand

Back to Trat

The next day, we travelled back to Trat by the speed boat. As I said before, Trat is a beautiful town. We visited the Trat National Museum and got an insight about the history, culture and the lifestyle of Trat and its people. The Museum building itself is a very beautiful and imposing wooden building. It was good to know so much about the place and its people.

Trat National Museum building

Tha Ranae Community

What I liked about this trip is that we came close to a lot of local people and community and got to know about their lifestyle and stories. I always believe that people make places and people and culture have been one of the recurring topics of our blog.

The Tha Ranae Community is located around the Trat River estuary and had been once a thriving trading centre with the Chinese merchants. The village was once a thriving port having a number of boats, both trading and fishing.

Mangrove forests at Trat

Today, the area is an eco-tourism spot having a number of activities for its visitors. There is a mangrove swamp that provides the main source of food and livelihood for the locals. We took a boat ride along the river canal to the mangroves. Here the mangroves swamps are quite different from that of Sunderbans. We actually entered into the mangrove forests, walked over the mesh of roots and even posed pretty pictures – something that is quite unthinkable at Sunderbans. We also had a friendly bowling match inside the mangrove forest with the bowling ball made of fruit! This fruit is also used as a natural colour for their dyeing industry. Making tie-dyed cloth is also another activity that we took part in. Tie-dyeing is one of the livelihoods of the people here.

YTie-dyeing clothing at the Tha Ranae Community at Trat - offbeat places to visit in Thailand

Apart from a trip to the mangrove forests and visiting the tie-dyeing centre, you can also indulge in Thai cooking classes making local cuisines and desserts. There are homestay facilities here where you can stay back at the village for a day and enjoy these activities.

Temples of Trat

Apart from all these activities, Trat has a number of beautiful temples. The Wat Buppharam is the oldest monastery in Trat built in 1652 during the reign of King Prasat Thong of Ayutthaya. Also visit the Wat Yothanimit, Wat Phailom, Budthamonthon having a 10-metre high golden sandstone Buddha statue, Trat Pillar Shrine and the many other temples and monasteries.

Buddha shrine at Koh Mak

Did we enjoy these unique places to visit in Thailand?

You bet, we did. The three days in eastern Thailand exploring its hidden gems passed by too quickly. The trip was no doubt a memorable one where we met so many like-minded people. We were quite happy to explore these hidden gems of Thailand along with having such an immersive experience. Beautiful beaches, serene seas, magnificent mangroves and meeting the people made this trip truly enjoyable. And yes, we heartily gorged us on a variety of seafood. Crabs, prawns, mussels, squids, fishes and what not! Maybe I will write another post about the seafood I tried in Thailand.

Here are a few more pictures of these unique places to visit in Thailand – the places where we visited! Hope they can inspire you to visit these lesser known places in your next trip to Thailand.

Team of Legend of eastern Gems - Tourism authority of thailand

colourful building at Trat, -unique places to visit in Thailand

street art at Chanthaburi

Old buildings at Chanthaburi

an old lady at Trat

boat ride through the mangroves in Trat

Koh Mak - an offbeat place to visit in Thailand

ecotourism at Koh Mak

resort at Koh Mak

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Disclaimer: We were invited by the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) in association with Ookbee Travels to Thailand for a Local Experience 3600 (The Legend of eastern Gems). However, the views here are entirely our own.


Reproduction of the content, including the photographs without prior consent/permission of the writer and photographer, is not encouraged at all and a violation of the same will attract legal action. If you need anything, Contact Us.

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  1. Hi! Great article, thanks for sharing. Travelling in october, third time to Thailand, for 2 weeks and spending the whole time in Chanthaburi and trat. Never been there before

    • Hope you have a great time there!

  2. Since Covid’s restrictions are relaxing, I have been really interested in traveling to Thailand! I was wondering how long do I need to travel around Thailand?

    • Thailand is an amazing destination. The number of days depend on what you want to cover. You can always start with a week time.

  3. This is called a complete Itinerary, would love to see Trat

    • Thank You

    • Thank You!

  4. Thailand is a best place, especially for food.

    • Thats absolutely true! Thank you for the comment.

  5. this is a nice article, thanks for sharing.

  6. wonderful Places!, I had never gone to Thailand but after read this blog i think i must go to Thailand.

  7. I have been to Chanthaburi last year. It was one of beautiful places in Thailand. I loved those tiny alleyways and Thai People. Loved the food and the hospitality. It’s great to read about these offbeat places.

  8. Thailand is in my bucket list and surely going to visit these hidden gem places , it will be great IF I can see few pics

    • Thank you Shivali. Glad that you liked it!

  9. These are indeed hidden gems. I’ve never heard of Chantaburi nor Trat before. These are great finds. Ko Mak looks stunning! It is indeed a paradise. Thank you for sharing this. You’ve got lovely pictures.

    • Thank you so much. Yes, these places are often looked over by foreign tourists, but these are some great places.

  10. We just got home from Thailand a week ago thus, I feel bad that I just read this article. We will definitely consider this during our next trip. We would love to visit the Cathedral of Immaculate Conception and shop at the Gemstone Market.

    • Never mind, visit these places on your next trip to Thailand,

  11. Looks like you had a great time in Thailand … lovely pictures btw ?

    • Yes, we had a great time! Thank you.

  12. This one is giving me major travel goals. Totally loving it. I would visit it soon. ❤

    • Thank you Aritro!

  13. Oh wow.. Looks you enjoyed a lot.. Lovely capture

    • Thanks Sapna! Yes we enjoyed a lot!

  14. I have visited Thailand many times but have never been to these offbeat places! Seems like I’ve missed out. Will definitely visit soon.

    • Thank you! these places are usually missed by most, but these are wonderful places.

  15. I have been to Thailand before but I haven’t visited The Cathedral of Immaculate Conception yet. I would like to see it as I love visiting different Churches around the world. I hope to see it next year!

    • The cathedral is really beautiful. I was so happy to visit there.

  16. These are some really nice and lesser-known gems of Thailand. So far removed from the hustle and bustle one associates with the popular Thailand hotspots. Really love the look of Chantaburi and its waterfront. The Cathedral looks so exquisite and not to forget the paradise that is Koh Mak. You have unveiled a beautiful side of Thailand for us.

    • Thank you so much! These places were real gems.

  17. Beautiful place and really a hidden gem in Thailand. Next time when I will visit Thailand will try this place. Such captivating pictures 🙂

    • You must! thanks Pamela! and we must plan a trip together soon!

  18. We have always wanted to go to Thailand so it is nice to learn about the unique places that noone else talks about. The temples and mangroves look fun and the cathedral must have been amazing to see. Thousands of sapphires and gemstones! Wow that’s one expensive statue haha.

    • The statue was also so beautiful! I kept on looking at it! 🙂 Thanks for liking it!

  19. My sister had gone to Thailand and since then I wish to go too.

    This post will be really helpful to me when I will plan.

    Loved the post and photos.

    • Thank you so much! Glad that the post helped.

  20. I’m a fan of beaches so your visit to Koh Mak was particularly interesting. We hear so much about Phuket but so little about other beautiful beaches in Thailand. You should definitely write a blog about all the seafood you enjoyed in Eastern Thailand. What a great three-day adventure!

    • It was 3 days full of fun! Now that you have said it, I will definitely write a post on seafood!

  21. Thank you for the excellent piece on some unique locations and experiences in Thailand. The information and photographs are very helpful.

    • Thank you so much. Glad that you liked it!

  22. What an interesting itinerary. Trat looks like my kind of place. I love anywhere that prioritises ecotourism. It’s great to get off the main tourist trail and see something more authentic.

    • Trat has so much stories to tell. Thank you Angela!

  23. Good details about offbeat places in thailand…perfect place for my visit.Thanks

    • Thank you Deepayan!

  24. Some of these places I have never visited in Thailand. Bookmarked the page for future reference.

    • Thanks Anahita!

  25. That’s such a wonderful description of these off-beat places to visit in Thailand

    • Thank you Sanjay!



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