Darjeeling – the name itself is enough to make us go on a nostalgic trip and then pack our bags. I have already written a lot about our love for Darjeeling umpteenth times before and also about must see places in Darjeeling. But this time we travelled Darjeeling in a different way – we went for walking around Darjeeling Mall Road – roamed along the roads and lanes of Darjeeling and discovered the essence of the place.

Our morning in Darjeeling always starts by having breakfast at Keventers or Glenary’s. After a sumptuous breakfast, we started walking along the Nehru Road towards the Mall. The Mall is also a wonderful place to sit and relax and look at the pigeons flying around. Also with the Kanchenjunga ranges at the backdrop, nothing can be more beautiful than that. So this time we collate a few unique wonders of Darjeeling.


Walking around Darjeeling Mall Road

  1. Das Studios

Standing tall on the Nehru Road, the Das Studio bears a legacy of photographs of the mountains. We just visit the Das studios to take a look at the wonderful pictures. A must visit place for the photography enthusiasts.

  1. The old Cemetery

Cemeteries tell a lot of stories. The old Darjeeling cemetery just lies on the Lebong Cart road and can go unnoticed if you are really looking for it. The history buff in us took us to the Cemetery. Through under ASI, the place was totally not looked after and was overgrown with grasses and weeds. But here you will find  the grave of the discoverer of Darjeeling – Lt. General Lloydandand the great Hungarian linguist Alexander Csoma de Koros who compiled the first dictionary and grammar of Tibetan Language.

  1. St Andrew’s Church

Once you walk around the Mall, you cannot really miss the yellow old colonial structure – the Andrew’s Church. The church was built under the supervision of Captain Bishop in the year 1843.Many Scottish soldiers, Britishers and tea planters living in the Darjeeling area were the early worshippers of this church.

  1. Himalayan Tibetan museum and Tibetan Refugee Self Help Centre

This is the newest museum in Darjeeling inaugurated on 2nd July 2015 by revered Tibetan guru Gurung Tulku Nima Hoiser Rinpoche during the 80th birthday celebration of Dalai Lama. The Museum mainly focuses on the history and culture of Tibetans rather than the religion. Once you visit, you will get an insight about the Tibetans and their way. The Museum is located on the Gandhi road.

The Tibetan Refugee Self-Help Centre was started on October 2, 1959, after the escape of his Holiness Dalai Lama from Tibet.The refugees adopted the principle of self help so that they could become self-independent and completely rehabilitate themselves in a foreign country. Now the make various handicrafts that are ready for sale.

Darjeeling tour guide

Now the must-visit places of Darjeeling

  1. The Darjeeling Zoo and HMI
  2. Observatory Hill and the Mahakal Temple
  3. Tiger Hill and the sunrise
  4. Batasia loop
  5. Ghoom Monastery
  6. Rock Garden and Ganga Maya Park
  7. Happy Valley Tea Estate
  8. Japanese Temple and the Peace Pagoda
  9. Tenzing and Gombu Rocks
  10. The Darjeeling Himalayan Railways

Take a look at our Darjeeling Travel Guide for more information.


Walking around Darjeeling Mall Road

Enjoy Darjeeling by walking down its lanes and experiencing the flavour of this place.

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Walking around Darjeeling Mall Road