Darjeeling Monsoons – a reverie in the rains

Darjeeling Monsoons – a reverie in the rains

Happiness is Darjeeling Monsoons!

Darjeeling – the one place that brings a smile to our lips as well as makes us go on a nostalgia trip. And we are not the only one; there are many Bengalis who feel the same way like us. Darjeeling – the name itself evokes a kaleidoscope of emotions. Be it the roads, or the Mall, eating out at the Glenary’s or Keventer’s or seeing the sunrise at the Tiger Hills, we find Darjeeling always in a new look whenever we go there. And the best part are the Darjeeling monsoons.

Darjeeling monsoons

The Mall Road, Darjeeling

The weather in hills is very unpredictable. At one time you find it sunny and at the next moment, it starts raining. If you wish to visit Darjeeling during the monsoon time, just be prepared for the whimsical rains. But nonetheless, the beauty of the hills during the rains surpasses all. We got the first taste of this as we were near the Rohini Toll Plaza. The view of the mountains covered with clouds at the top was simply mesmerizing. And the greenery of the place was an added bonus.

Darjeeling monsoons

The green tea gardens covered in mist

Darjeeling itself has a new grace during the rains. The roads covered with mist makes the place even more romantic. The sight of two under an umbrella is quite common! And the pitch-black road becomes darker. And the pitter patter rain drops on the window sill reminded us of their childhood days when we could just run out and play in the rains.

Darjeeling monsoons

Darjeeling monsoons

Darjeeling monsoons

The rain and the Mall road

Walking down the roads and lanes of Darjeeling has been always our favourite thing to do in Darjeeling. We always walk down the road beside the Mall and walk all the way to the HMI. With the gentle rains falling on us, we were walking together hand in hand and reminiscing our journey of ten years together. It is insanely romantic to have your partner walking beside you down the Mall road and speaking incessant gibberish!

Darjeeling monsoons

A romantic walk in the rains

The story of Darjeeling can never be completed without a hot cup of tea or simmering hot chocolate from Keventers. Darjeeling will always remain our most sought after place and our most favourite destination – a place where we can go to enliven us.

Darjeeling monsoons

A monk who sold his Ferrari

Darjeeling monsoons

Rain drops

Darjeeling monsoons

Misty Darjeeling

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  1. Prasanna

    Misty and beautiful. Long walks and watching the rains soak everything around you, a perfect location to enjoy the monsoon.

  2. Tales of travelling sisters

    Our visit to Darjeeling was during the monsoons and post refreshed all the beautiful memories. Thanks for the share 🙂


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